Smart Home: What Is Voice Controlled Home Automation?

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Forgotten to turn the thermostat off before going to bed and don’t want to get out of your comfy slumber? Wish you had some background music while cooking but your hands are covered in buttery flour? We have all been there. It’s at times like these you could really do with an extra set of hands with voice-controlled home automation

Would it not be great if you could just call out a command and your wishes are magically granted? Now you can. Thanks to a huge range of voice-controllable devices, you can control your home completely hands-free. You can turn the smart thermostat off from bed and the music on from the kitchen with a simple voice command.


What is Voice Controlled Home Automation?

Smart home technology refers to a suite of devices, appliances or systems that tap into a common network and that you can control independently via a remote control or voice control. For example, you can have your home’s thermostat, audio speakers, TVs, lights, security, locks and appliances all connected to the smart home network.

These you can control from your smartphone, touch screen device and, thanks to recent advancements in speech recognition technology, your voice. No longer is voice-controlled home automation a thing of science fiction. The technology for voice-controlled home automation is at your disposal more than ever before.

When you compliment your life with modern technology like voice home automation, you are not only streamlining your home but your life too. With how busy most people’s lives are today, everyone wants to be as efficient as they can be. What better a way to manage your time than with a voice-controlled home automation system? 

Let’s take a look at why it is becoming so popular.

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Voice Control – Gaining Popularity for Home Automation

Not only is voice control in home automation systems possible in many applications it is becoming increasingly popular. Voice assistant technologies like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have marked the starting point for the increase in voice control.

According to Google, 72 percent of people say that they use their voice-activated devices as part of their daily routines. People use smart speakers as a new way to play music, retrieve weather reports and so much more without having to use their smartphone. 

Many people find the voice assistant fun too and more natural than typing. Plus, it is much easier for children to use.


What can you use Voice Control for Home Automation?

With such high popularity, it is no secret that voice control is in high demand. And manufacturers have been quick to engineer solutions to accommodate information-gathering smart speakers to double up as conduits for sending voice commands to thermostats, light switches, whole-home music systems, security systems and more.   

With smart home automation, you can manage all devices from the one interface in your home. All you need to do is learn how to use one app on your smartphone or tablet and you will be able to access all connected functions and devices in your home.

And if you want to keep your devices up to date with the latest trends you can integrate these into your smart home automation system too.

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How can voice-controlled home automation make your smart home better?

Having voice-controlled home automation means you have the power to consolidate all smart devices in your home. You will be able to tell your coffee machine to start making coffee and turn your TV down while your baby falls asleep in your arms. No need to fumble around for the TV remote or put your baby down before you devour that coffee.

And it is not all about convenience either. With voice-controlled automation, you have the best opportunity to run your home greener. You can tell your smart speaker to dim the lights or turn them off to conserve electricity. The same goes for the air conditioner and blinds.

Even if you are at the back of the house you can tell your smart speaker to shut the garage door if you think you left it open. You have the power to control what happens at the other end of the house with just your voice.

Then there is your schedule. Let’s face it, most people today wear many hats, from the driver and cook to homework helper and mediator, all whilst having a full-time job. You can keep your busy schedule organised with just a few voice commands. Ask your smart speaker to remind you about appointments for the next day, the next week or even next year.


How does voice-controlled it work?

Contrary to what you might think, voice control is simple even when you factor in regional dialects, accents and pronunciation.

Thanks to the internet, common voice control platforms understand most commands. They receive updates that continuously improve their understanding. Leading voice control platform, Control4, pairs directly with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

But to get the most out of your voice control platform, streamline it with a Control4 Smart Home system. Rather than controlling each device individually, you can combine controls and manage a system that works in synchronism using a single command.

Let’s look at an example of what Control4 can do. It can interpret a command like, ‘Hey Google, turn on dinner party’ by queuing your party playlist, dimming the lights and unlocking the front door, all at the sound of a simple command. It will even raise the volume of the music and start up the fireplace if you want, later in the evening.


Control4 meets Voice Control Home Automation

Partnering with the biggest brands in electronics, appliances, energy, home security and lighting, Control4 supports over 9,900 popular products while providing smart automation for the entire home. It gives homeowners the flexibility and level of control they desire, whether they prefer to control devices individually with simple commands or as a network working together.

Integrating your home with Control4 home automation can create personalised experiences which add convenience, comfort, savings and peace of mind all in a few voice commands or the touch of an app.

SMARTHOMEWORKS installs easy to use and full-featured home automation systems like Control4 at a price that suits your budget. The full home automation package for Control4 includes

  •         Home theatres
  •         Smart lighting
  •         Multi room music
  •         Advanced climate control
  •         Safety and security
  •         Door locks
  •         Window shades
  •         Pool and spa controllers
  •         Irrigation control
  •         Appliance monitor

Now, let’s look at how SMARTHOMEWORKS will install your smart home automation system from design to working system.



Smart Home Design

After discussing your ideas, one of our expert smart home designers will meet with you to run through the foundation of an integrated system and the systems currently on the market. We will then give you an estimated cost and explain cabling requirements.

Once you are satisfied with the requirements and costs, SMARTHOMEWORKS will provide a full electrical design and draw up the ‘for Tender/Construction’ document. We can assist with sourcing potential electrical contractors and will project manage the builders, architects and electricians by sticking to your budget.

We have a number of packages available, from security and intercom systems to aged care and disability assistance.

Smart Home Project Management

SMARTHOMEWORKS’s design, programming and project management works include meetings to coordinate the trade works involved, review building design changes and integrating them into the automation system design

Smart Home Supply

Over the years, SMARTHOMEWORKS has worked with a huge range of top brands that supply our smart home systems. Of course, we evaluate these brands and products and ensure we use only the best and most cost-effective products to install your home automation system.

Smart Home Works

The experts at SMARTHOMEWORKS are constantly on the prowl for the most up-to-date technology. We design home automation systems with a framework that allows for upgradeable options and easy maintenance in the future.

Go on a tour of our smart home systems and services and contact us for a free rundown on how we can turn your home into a smart home.  

Our Smart Home Automation Control System



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