VoiP Intercom Systems

If you’re waiting on an expensive and important delivery, yet are pre-occupied when its due, with a SMARTHOMEWORKS VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) Intercom, every time somebody rings your intercom it can call your smart phone, tablet or home phone allowing you to see and speak to whomever is at your door. You can even remotely allow them access into your home and due to our integrated security system and indoor surveillance, you can feel as relaxed as you would be if you were at home in person.

Keyless Access Control and Key Fobs

Through the use of numeric keypads you can gain secure keyless access to your home. Having a configurable access control system in your house, you can distribute different access codes with specific levels of access. Give the gardener a different code to the side gate and they will only gain access to the surrounding garden areas. The use of electric strikes, adds an extra feature to the smart security system, with the ability to send notifications to your phone when certain codes of doors are opened. Want to take it step further? Use a proximity tag, a biometric thumb reader or an iris scanner to enter your home with the technology and sophistication of Bond… James Bond.
Your garage door remote can now also perform a variety of functions. The first button could open the garage door, second button arming or disarming the security system, the third button can start a scene throughout the house and the fourth button could trigger a silent alarm.

  • Keypad Entry
    • Individual Keypad Access
  • Proximity/Keyless Entry
  • Biometric Entry
    • Fingerprint Access
  • Automatic Magnetic Door Locks and Releases
  • Easy Arming and Disarming
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