Circadian Lighting

The concept of Circadian Lighting follows that of the human circadian rhythm, a 24-hour internal clock.

One of the most critical elements of a healthy system is good quality sleep. Things like stress, physical illness, and a lot of screen time during the day and night can negatively affect your sleep quality, which puts a dampener on your day. It can also have much more serious effects such as diabetes, strokes, and heart disease.

Sleep-related problems are the latest in the line of issues that smart devices can tackle in the home. Circadian lighting or CCT is a simple way to improve your sleep, and as Sydney’s smart home experts, SMARTHOMEWORKS can help you design the perfect set-up. Our smart lighting options are affordable and tailorable to a range of homes, uses and budgets. Those interested can book an appointment with our team for a design plan and full competitive quote.

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