FAQ's - Smart Home Works

The ultimate convenience! Through the use of smarthome systems you will be able to use all the electrical and technological systems with incredible ease of use.

Safety and peace of mind! A smart security system will put your mind at rest. Combine this with a remote viewable CCTV system and you will always be in the know.

Comfort & wellbeing! Control over heating, cooling, humidity, airflow and lighting will give you most amazing contentment.

Energy efficient! The ability to monitor your energy usage and to intelligently control heating, lighting and your appliances, allowing for massive improvements in efficiency, resulting in big costs savings.

Intuitive and personalised! Customisation is huge in this day and age, and having your systems custom set to how you live in your home grants you a system that lives and works as you do.

Fun and entertainment! Your smart home makes access to entertainment easier and more convenient. It simplifies the process of consuming music, tv, film and your own content throughout the home.

Reliability and resilience! A smart home will actually improve reliability through intelligence and efficient use of resources and devices.

The purpose of a smart home system is to take control of all the electrical and electronic systems together with one easy to use interface. This interface should result in a high level of functionality, convenience and flexibility for the homeowner. It should enrich their lifestyle while also increasing the value of their property.

A simple system may control only lighting yet even this provides substantial benefits such as energy savings, designer light panels, scene creation, master on/off and emergency lighting as well as auto switching outside lights and even inside lights to make the home look occupied while the owners are away. Our more advanced automation systems include, but are not limited to, security, access control, air conditioning, motorised blinds, irrigation, pool/spa control, energy and solar management and audio/video distribution around the home.

Home Automation is when you take your smart home system a step further in using information gained around your home to change and alter how your systems are operating. For instance, having light level sensors, combined with timers, to trigger your lights to dim as more daylight is allowed into your home. Another example is using temperature sensors to trigger your window awnings to open and cool your home, rather than use your air conditioning and save on energy usage.

Call Us at 02 8197 1122! We will come and meet with you and give you a free overview of the systems available to you and the kind of prices you can expect based on set of designs of your home. The next step is getting an electrical design done customised to your preference of system and budget.

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