This is our bread and butter. This is where we make the 25 years of experience count. After many years working with different brands, systems, suppliers, electricians, builders, architects, developers and even the most demanding of clients we know how to make these systems WORK!!!

Here at SMARTHOMEWORKS we are constantly on the lookout for what’s coming next in this technology fuelled future and how we are going to be able to include new technologies into our services. We design these homes with a backbone that can allow for easy maintenance and upgradeable options so that you can keep improving your smart home system over the years. Every client will be provided with a detailed as-built document that has a full rundown of what has been installed in their home along with a USB of all the manuals & how-to’s for their installed equipment/systems.

Wondering what the future of the Internet or Virtual Reality is going to offer?


So are we!

We are more than excited to discuss the possibilities of how we can incorporate these new innovations into your Smart Home Systems. If you are interested in some of the latest tech news & innovations, check out our Facebook to get inspired for your new home.

Once you have had a look through all the systems that we can include in your home and have formed some questions please contact us so we can provide a free overview of how we can make a Smart Home Work for you.

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