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Add a touch of luxury to your home with Philips Dynalite lighting control.

  • The Philips Dynalite is a smart home solution that provides you with extreme flexibility and a  lighting control.
  • You can adjust it effortlessly to suit your needs and lifestyle preferences.
  • It gives you the power to take control of your lighting more than the typical on-and-off.
  • Philips Dynalite allows you to easily brighten up or dim a room according to your mood and the occasion.

SMARTHOMEWORKS is honored and proud to be one in only three master dealers of Philips Dynalite Dimension in the world!

Set the Scene to Your Lifestyle & Preference. Smoothly Control Lighting and Reduce Your Energy Bills.

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    The Philips Dynalite lighting control system has over 25 years of experience. It has been installed and serviced in over 35,000 projects around the world.

    Philips Dynalite designs and manufactures high-tech solutions for lighting control and building automation applications. You can customise the atmosphere and aura of your home so you can create different lighting scenes that match your taste and current mood.

    The lighting control system is equally suitable for small installations, although it was initially developed for large-scale projects.

    It has been tested and proven for efficient automation of both commercial and residential spaces. They are a reputable provider of superior solutions and an industry segment leader known to over 50 countries worldwide.


    • You can easily regulate the colour, warmth, coolness, and intensity of your home lighting anytime you want without complications.
    • You can smoothly control your home lighting to suit your lifestyle, current mood, occasion, and interiors with just a press of a button.

    Here are few of the important things that Philips Dynalite can offer:

    Home, Commercial, and Architectural Lighting

    • Philips Dynalite system is the first choice for many world-class hotels and iconic buildings and landmarks around the world.
    • You are empowered to transform a space to any ambiance you want with Philips Dynalite lighting control system.
    • You can enhance almost any environment from residential properties to any type of commercial spaces. 

    Easily Adjustable Controls for Your Smart Home

    • The Philips Dynalite lighting control is a home automation system that provides an unequivocal level of convenience to smart home owners.
    • It can be set to adjust automatically throughout the day. You can do this using variables such as timers or natural daylight levels.
    • You can do all levels of control with just a simple touch of a button.

    Your security lighting can automatically turn on at sunset, safeguarding your home with enough light to guarantee a safe entry. When you arrive home from work, you can automatically light a pathway with one press of a ‘Hello’ button without the need to find the wall-switch.

    When you leave, you can simply press a ‘Goodbye’ button on your Dynalite panel and all the house lights will turn off by themselves.

    • It will keep the security lighting on to ensure safety. 
    • It can randomly switch lights on and off in different parts of the house at varying times to keep the bad guys away.
    • You can surely leave your home without a fuss and in peace.

    You can press the ‘Goodnight’ button on the Dynalite control panel at your bedside and all the lights and unused appliances will be turned off. This will also make the lights in the master bedroom dim slowly and then gradually turn off.

    The external security lighting will stay on all night to ensure your safety. It will automatically switch off few minutes before sunrise to save energy.

    Efficient Energy Usage

    The Philips Dynalite has sophisticated lighting control system that can provide efficient and cost-effective energy management.

    • You are provided with a variety of control methods so you can customise any setting according to your lifestyle preferences.
    • It even ensures that you do not consume too much energy .
    • You are provided with extreme flexibility and complete control over both general and specific ambiance of your space.

    Control the Colour, Warmth, Coolness & Intensity of Your Home Lighting from a Mobile App.

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      You will further enjoy the following benefits once you choose to install this elegant and highly functional  home automation lighting control system:

      • This is much easier to install and configure compared to other systems. Because of this, less time is required to complete the installation and configuration procedures.
      • You can fully customise the configuration of your lighting control, and monitor all the lights and system components from any point on the network
      • Generate system status reports for easier monitoring.
      • Configure the lighting system strategically to save energy and costs.
      • You can use lighting only when necessary and take advantage of natural daylight to live an environment-friendly lifestyle.
      • Philips Dynalite promotes scalability – the system is easily reconfigurable to accommodate property remodeling or any necessary modification.
      • The Philips Dynalite’s system has the capability to be integrated into other systems. This means that it can work in conjunction with other devices and network gateways, such as blinds, audio/visual appliances, temperature control systems.



      Philips Dynalite lighting control certainly provides you with the flexibility and automation that you need for your smart home lighting.

      SMARTHOMEWORKS is a Philips Dynalite Dimension master dealer, this means that we have extensive training and experience with designing and implementing Dynalite systems.

      The good news? It has earned us the right to get the products cheaper, resulting in more cost-effective smart home solutions for you!

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