Enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience with SMARTHOMEWORKS. By all means, bring the big screen to your living room with our luxury home theatres. Because we, at SMARTHOMEWORKS, custom design, supply, install and program home automation theatre system throughout Sydney. Generally, our systems boast the latest in industry technologies and innovation.

Imagine This:
The popcorn is hot and buttery as you push a single button on your lighting panel to start the cinema scene. The drapes go down, the light dims and then turn off once you’re seated on your luxury suede cinema seating. The projector screen lowers from the roof as the projector and audio equipment power up. You use your iPad to choose your favourite movie from your movie collection. This connects to your audio/video distribution system. The movie starts and like that you are in the most immersive audio and visual experience right in your own home. Enjoy the show.

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