Enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience with SMARTHOMEWORKS. By all means, bring the big screen to your living room with our luxury home theatres. Because we, at SMARTHOMEWORKS, custom design, supply, install and program home automation theatre system throughout Sydney. Generally, our systems boast the latest in industry technologies and innovation.

Imagine This:
The popcorn is hot and buttery as you push a single button on your lighting panel to start the cinema scene. The drapes go down, the light dims and then turn off once you’re seated on your luxury suede cinema seating. The projector screen lowers from the roof as the projector and audio equipment power up. You use your iPad to choose your favourite movie from your movie collection. This connects to your audio/video distribution system. The movie starts and like that you are in the most immersive audio and visual experience right in your own home. Enjoy the show.

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Firstly, it is an absolute pleasure to enjoy a movie on a big screen with incredible sound experience. So, now bring the same cinematic experience at home. Whether it’s upgrading your existing home theatre. Or planning a next-generation home cinema experience. SMARTHOMEWORKS brings you the latest in-home entertainment solutions.
Furthermore, electronics play an important role in our day to day life. And, home automation has made it possible to gain more control and communicate with ease. There’s no better way to relax or entertain friends or family than by watching a blockbuster. Or a game of sports  in front of your own home cinema screen.
Particularly, with the latest advancement in technology, you can now enjoy multi-room audio & visual. Likewise, homeowners can control music throughout the house. Either with a touch of a button or a wireless controller.
Moreover, offering a turnkey approach, SMARTHOMEWORKS are experts in transforming homes into delightful spaces. This is done with a range of bespoke designs and easy solutions. We deliver an exceptional audio-visual and acoustics distribution systems. You imagine, we do it!
Further, with years of experience and professional expertise, SMARTHOMEWORKS designs and integrates home theatre system. We install and meet your requirements of a smart home solution.
Finally, backing our quality services, SMARTHOMEWORKS have received many awards which helps us keep our focus. And, it helps us continue to represent the home theatre industry with the best always.



Your smart home system can adjust lighting levels. Close blinds and power up audio/visual equipment to set your entertainment environment. As you sit down to watch a DVD or some TV. You raise your LED screen and lower your projector screen.
Our range of products combines power, clarity and control. The design allows each speaker to be custom-fitted and placed in your home theatre room. A home theatre system is a very personal choice. So we focus on every little detail from start to finish.


A typical home theatre includes the following components:
  • Movie or other viewing content
  • Video and audio input devices
  • Audio and video processing devices
  • Audio output:
  • Video output
  • Seating and Atmosphere
We ensure that our client’s get the correct blend of equipment, seating and decor. As a result this provides their perfect cinema experience.
Home Theatre System - SMARTHOMEWORKS

Customised Home Theatres

A high-performance home cinema entails far more than simply selecting high-performance components. Some features SMARTHOMEWORKS designers consider for your home theatre include:

  • Room Construction
  • Seating Type and Configuration
  • Row height and Spacing
  • Acoustical Treatments
  • Ambient Noise Control
  • Ambient Light Control
  • Room Light Control
  • Blinds Control
  • Equipment & Speaker Placement

With the addition of new surround sound formats such as Dolby Atmos, early planning and speaker placement are more important than ever.

Home TheatER Installations sydney

A well-designed home theatre system can outperform most commercial cinemas. Especially in picture quality, sound quality and sheer comfort.
While a dedicated home theatre system room may be the ultimate luxury, for most people the home theatre system must fit in with the everyday living space.

SMARTHOMEWORKS are proficient at integrating home theatre electronics like speakers and screens.

We install these in a way that you don’t notice them when your relaxing in your living spaces. We know that picture and sound
really matters. Therefore our audio technicians work with the top brands. They ensure your home theatre will be an outstanding feature.
Basically, the world’s best picture and sound quality will not mean much if it is difficult to use. SMARTHOMEWORKS home theatres are intuitive. You only need to operate a single remote control.

you can use your smartphone or tablet device to control your home theatre.
SMARTHOMEWORKS can recommend stores in Sydney for custom cinema seating and star ceilings. Also, our technicians will calibrate your video projector and sound system’s performance so you can achieve the real Hollywood screening room feel!

SMARTHOMEWORKS can recommend stores in Sydney for custom cinema seating,
star ceilings and our technicians will calibrate your video projector and sound system’s performance
so you can achieve the real Hollywood screening room feel!

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