The Benefits of Multi-Room Video For Smart Homes

While smart home technology is certainly about convenience, efficiency and even lower energy usage, it is also about fun and enjoyment! For example, the ability to have a multi-room video or all of your video sources on one receiver so you can watch them on different TVs around the house makes catching the big game or accessing Netflix much easier!

Levelling up your home theatre with multi-room video is one of the many benefits of home automation. The experts at SMARTHOMEWORKS know all about it, and we’ve gathered all of the information for those considering this upgrade here in this helpful article. Read on and turn your home into an entertainment hub today!


What is the multi-room video?

Ever wanted to start watching a movie in one room and finish it in another? Multi-room video lets you do exactly that with a wiring design and infrastructure that can carry HD video distribution.

Viewing sources such as Foxtel, Blu-ray and other media streaming devices are installed in a central location so you can access any source in any room. With multi-room video, all of your TVs become connected to one common system. Access anything anywhere, all with the best possible image resolution for maximum enjoyment!

The benefits of multi-room video installation 

There are many reasons why multi-room video is a good idea for those who love to entertain at home or simply enjoy a great visual and audio experience. With an expert team like ours on the case, we can create a simple yet effective set-up plan. The benefits of this include:

Watching TV outside

Our personal favourite benefit! When the weather is good, watching TV in your outdoor areas with access to all the same content you usually find in your living room makes your home the ultimate entertainment spot. Want to watch the morning news outside with a coffee? No problems with multi-room video.

Watch the big game outdoors from behind the grill with an outdoor TV set-up and a multi-zone receiver.

Having two TVs in one room

The perfect man cave has two sporting events playing at the same time. Forget about flipping between channels; the big Saturday night AFL games, which always happen to start at the exact same time, can both be watched on separate screens thanks to multi-room video.

Using a Wi-Fi remote control App 

Your phone or tablet can easily become your remote control anywhere in the house. With a network-capable multi-zone receiver, any remote app can be used to control content via a phone or tablet. This can be done in conjunction with your existing remote by setting up playback in a second zone.

As a bonus, losing the remote or its batteries going flat is no longer a problem!

Using a universal remote control

More remote benefits are available as an RF (radio frequency) remote can control components that are out of the line of sight. This extends your reach past typical IR (infrared) remotes. RF signals are much more powerful, with the ability to pass through walls and ceilings.

This means controlling your connected sources from another room will not be a problem. If you opt for a Wi-Fi capable universal remote, you’ll find it even easier.

Plenty of audio options 

As any home entertainment buff knows, a great home theatre isn’t just about the visual. A multi-room video set-up allows you to send audio to a TV in another room as well. This also allows you to create better sound than what your TV speakers are capable of by connecting audio-focused devices as well.

Any receivers that have multi-zone video capabilities will also have multi-zone audio outputs. A powered zone 2 audio output allows you to have two channels for a pair of speakers in the second zone. This opens up the world of possibilities for surround sound, and you can send audio to a separate amplifier or receiver in multiple zones.

Adding a soundbar for even better quality

It is easy to get better sound out of the TV in your second zone by connecting a soundbar. This simple solution means you can use any A/V receiver with multi-zone video without needing to run speaker wire to the second zone.

When it comes to designing a quality home automation set-up, the team at SMARTHOMEWORKS always try to keep cabling to a minimum. We can guide you on the best home theatre setup based on the configuration of your home and your entertainment desires. 

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SMARTHOMEWORKS design a multi-room video setup expert

We understand more than most how daunting the options for home automation can be. To add fuel to the fire, they are growing every day. If you love the sound of what multi-room video can do but are unsure of where to begin, we can help. The experts at SMARTHOMEWORKS are home automation specialists, and we are passionate about finding the best solutions to turn your home into the entertainment hub of your dreams.

Whether you already have some smart home devices connected or are looking at starting with a blank canvas, we can design a plan that works for you now and into the future. We put together our smart homes with the idea of expansion in mind, so you never run into trouble if you look to expand your home automation capabilities in the future.

Contact SMARTHOMEWORKS today and chat with one of our multi-room video experts. We’ll look at the layout of your home, consider your goals and budget, and put together the best available plan. From the design to installation and set-up, we make the creation of a smart home easy. Let’s chat today about turning your space into an entertainment mecca!


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