Home Automation: What to ask from your Smart Home Installer

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While you have likely spent a bit of time investigating the options to find the right home automation system for you, have you given a level of research to your smart home installer as well?

Ensuring you have a high-quality smart home installer is just as crucial as having the right system. Your smart home installation company will likely also be in charge of maintaining your system, so it is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

An integrated smart home is a significant investment, so you’ll want every last detail to be perfect, which means an installer with expert know-how and exceptional quality service is a must.

SMARTHOMEWORKS have developed this handy guide so you can tell the difference between every installer who promises the world, and those best suited to your needs. Read on for the essential questions you need to ask all potential smart home setup companies.

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Question 1: Is the smart home automation installer CEDIA accredited? 

A CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association) accreditation means that your potential smart home setup service has an all-clear from the globally recognised trade association for companies that create and install smart home technology. 

Not every company has a CEDIA accreditation, and keeping it involves consistent adherence to strict high standards of customer service.

Question 2: Are they able to provide a portfolio of past work? 

Good smart home installation companies should be able to provide you with case studies or testimonials to clearly demonstrate the level of quality they can provide for you

You’ll also be able to use these case studies for inspiration and ideas for your own home automation system. Visiting showrooms is another excellent way to gather ideas and see what a company can be capable of.

Question 3: How much will they be charging?

Price is always a significant factor in home automation, and as most systems will be custom-designed to meet your needs, costs are likely to vary. Along with asking for an exact price, you will want to ensure there are no hidden charges and that the price quoted includes costs of the individual products, installation, and commissioning as well as post-installation support.

Question 4: Can the company integrate new products into your existing system?

If you already have a home entertainment set-up installed and want it included in your new control system, you will require a dealer that can offer both the expertise and experience of integrating other products into your chosen product. 

A good smart home automation installer can install a control system while making sure your favourite devices are worked into it so they can function as one.

Question 5: What support and help-desk service does the company offer?

High-quality installation and leading technology means that you should not experience any major issues with your new system; however, unexpected problems do occur. Alternatively, you may need help making the most of your new system.

This makes the after-sales care and support offered by your smart home installer a critical element of their overall package. It would be best if you understood the costs involved with long-term support, so you know you’ll never have an issue with your new integrated control system.

Smart home automation installer  near you 

SMARTHOMEWORKS a smart home installer are a trusted name in Sydney and greater NSW when it comes to integrating complete smart home solutions. We offer only industry-leading brands and would love to show you our impressive portfolio. 

Speak to our team today about making your house a smart home, and let’s see how smart technology can help make things a lot easier and more enjoyable in your life.



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