Smart Home Automation: The Touch Of Modern Times

smart home control system

Imagine that with a single touch on your smart device, you can control and activate smart home automation of more than just basic home functions. From home appliances to lighting and security, smart home automation is a key convenience harnessing the latest smart home technologies

With innovation at the core, SMARTHOMEWORKS offers complete systems of smart home automation hence the modern term “smart home”. 

What is a smart home exactly you might ask? With all the talk of today’s smart devices and access to control functions within the home, smart homes have become a popular term but not everyone is on board – yet. 

Home Automation Access Capability

Home automation is essentially the capability to access electrical devices and systems from within or external to the home. Imagine you have left the house and then wonder if you have actually armed the security system: with a simple touch on your smart device, you can check and activate the system even though you are away from home. 

Or you might be going away on a vacation and want your lighting to come on in different areas of the home at varying times so that a prospective burglar believes you are in fact home: easily done with a touch of a button.

Perhaps you wish to activate your irrigation to water your garden and lawn; you can control this with your fingertips using an app on your smartphone. These aspects all form attributes of what makes a smart home, well smart. 

Better yet, the systems offered by SMARTHOMEWORKS are comprehensive yet user-friendly with fantastic interfaces and work effectively for your requirements.

While you might have thought that a smart automation system was utilised more on commercial buildings and expensive residences, in today’s Australia, any home from small to large can be fitted with smart home automation systems. 

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Home Automation is Security

Beyond lighting and security which are highly important, with a wonderful system from SMARTHOMEWORKS you can control air-conditioning (activate before you get home so that the house is cooler for when you arrive), motorised blinds, pools and spas and audio-visual units and more. 

Smart home automation connects smart devices, appliances and electrical systems to a network where the devices have their own IP address. With a smart home, you can access your systems through remote control, a smart device or smartphone app and track, access and control devices simply by being connected to the world wide web. 

Think not just functionality but the versatility, flexibility and security you will feel when you know you have access and control to your home lighting, security and more.t

A System Of Convenience

Whether you are a homeowner, builder or owner-builder, architect or an electrician, we are confident that you can see the benefits to having smart home automation systems installed in your clients’ homes. 

SMARTHOMEWORKS has a team of experts in the industry of smart home automation and we excel at what we do. We truly believe in the systems that we offer and embrace changing the landscape of convenience for residents with truly effective smart systems that will have clients, not just lights, beaming. 

SMARTHOMEWORKS delivers exceptional service to clientele and partners with industry representatives providing estimations, quotations, planning, documentation, and implementation. We are paving the way in smart home automation with our expertise and knowledge which means you can be confident in our capacity to be smart with the home automation systems. 

One partner company of smart home automation that SMARTHOMEWORKS utilises is Clipsal C-Bus Home Automation Systems which comes highly-recommended by our team of experts. 

Preparing the home for arrival by flicking on the air-conditioning on a very hot day or turn lights off that were accidentally left on all with the touch of a button, the Clipsal C-Bus is an outstanding product to harness for homes. 

Being energy-efficient is not just a great way to save money but it’s environmentally-friendly which is important in modern times and this system can help the homeowner control lighting, fans and air-conditioning so you can maximise energy efficiency. 

Let’s talk security which is an important topic and one that is moving forward in smart homes in leaps and bounds. A SMARTHOMEWORKS home security system is holistic and innovative in a design targeting a high level of protection through multiple avenues including CCTV security cameras, motion-sensor cameras, an alarm system and lighting control all through a comprehensive smart home automation security system. 

Not only can you have real-time control and access to your system via your smart device – smartphone or tablet – you can receive a notification and be able to view if someone knocks on your front door. 

Furthermore, you can set a lighting schedule to deter thieves from targeting your home and even control digital door locks and garage doors. There is one more access point to your smart home automation security system: you can even access it through smartwatches. 

With advancements in technology today, controlling your home security system has never been more easy, convenient and certainly effective.  



By engaging with SMARTHOMEWORKS you are making a smart choice to gain a smart home automation system that will offer homeowners the joy of having convenient control over their home electrical systems and appliances with a touch of a button. 

We partner with architects, electricians, owner builders, building companies, developers, interior designers and homeowners and offer a comprehensive service from estimation and quotation to planning, design, documentation and implementation. 

For the past twenty years, we have engaged in project management, supply and installation of smart home automation systems with exceptional workmanship and are industry leaders. We believe in quality not only in our systems but in our service and have commissioned over one thousand projects for homeowners and multi-unit developers. 

Collectively, as a team, SMARTHOMEWORKS is armed with more than fifty years of experience in design and delivery and we are proud of our achievements to date. 

Innovative and consistently seeking to harness the latest technologies, we are cutting-edge in working with smart home automation systems. Our experts design the full electrical layout within a comprehensible CAD drawing and provide complete scheduling on all pertinent wiring for the home. 

We also provide detailed documentation for reference and will answer any questions you may have regarding the smart home automation system for your home

During a consultation, we will actively listen to your requirements and wishes and tailor a solution to meet these and we have access to all the devices in the market. 

With SMARTHOMEWORKS, you can be confident you gain a truly smart home and we are the smart choice to make that vision a reality.  

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Our Smart Home Automation Control System

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