SMARTHOMEWORKS is Schneider Electric CBus Point1
Accredited Integration Professionals

SMARTHOMEWORKS is regarded as a smart home company that homeowners, architects, electricians and builders can trust; and the Cbus Home automation System is highly recommended by our team of experts.

We are highly experienced in home automation, both large and small jobs, and highly regard Clipsals Cbus Home Automation System as a product you can rely on.

Now, imagine it’s a 40 degree day and you are leaving your cool air conditioned office when all of a sudden you are overwhelmed by the excessive heat as you step out of the door, you are hit with the realisation that your house is going to be steaming hot!!

What if by installing Home Automation system it meant that you could control the cooling in your home, with just a touch of a button on your phone?

This would mean you could arrive home to a comfortable temperature. Just imagine the impact this could have on your day, preparing your house for your arrival, it doesn’t get much better than that!


C Bus System has developed the technology to make your life easier, to optimise your comfortability within your home, while potentially reducing your energy costs. How often do we return home to find lights left on, fans, etc., causing unnecessary energy usage that is benefiting no one, as no one is home?

By installing the C Bus home automation system you can control the lights that were left on and turn them off. It also provides the technology to set automatic timers, which can be highly beneficial if you have a similar routine.

But rest assured nothing you program into your system is set in stone, it is all adaptable, and C Bus System has ensured their products are easy to use so that clients can adjust their settings with minimal effort and confusion.

If you ever have any questions our helpful staff at SMARTHOMEWORKS are always available to have a chat with you. We are smart home automation installer in Sydney

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