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SMARTHOMEWORKS is regarded as a smart home company that homeowners, architects, electricians and builders can trust; and the Cbus Home automation System is highly recommended by our team of experts.

We are highly experienced in home automation, both large and small jobs, and highly regard Clipsals Cbus Home Automation System as a product you can rely on.

Now, imagine it’s a 40 degree day and you are leaving your cool air conditioned office when all of a sudden you are overwhelmed by the excessive heat as you step out of the door, you are hit with the realisation that your house is going to be steaming hot!!

What if by installing Home Automation system it meant that you could control the cooling in your home, with just a touch of a button on your phone?

This would mean you could arrive home to a comfortable temperature. Just imagine the impact this could have on your day, preparing your house for your arrival, it doesn’t get much better than that!


C Bus System has developed the technology to make your life easier, to optimise your comfortability within your home, while potentially reducing your energy costs. How often do we return home to find lights left on, fans, etc., causing unnecessary energy usage that is benefiting no one, as no one is home?

By installing the C Bus home automation system you can control the lights that were left on and turn them off. It also provides the technology to set automatic timers, which can be highly beneficial if you have a similar routine.

But rest assured nothing you program into your system is set in stone, it is all adaptable, and C Bus System has ensured their products are easy to use so that clients can adjust their settings with minimal effort and confusion.

If you ever have any questions our helpful staff at SMARTHOMEWORKS are always available to have a chat with you. We are smart home automation installer in Sydney

What is C-Bus Home Automation?

C-Bus Home Automation or simply C-Bus is a microprocessor-based control and management system for buildings and homes. It is used to control lighting and other electrical services such as fans, underfloor heating, motorised blinds etc.

C-Bus can be used to easily control virtually any type of electrical load that has a simple On/Off control, it can also act as a system to utilise electronic dimmable circuits.

How does the C-Bus home automation system work?

C-Bus Home Automation uses a patented method for updating the status of its units. This method does not require a central computer or central controller to handle databases or lookup tables to operate.

The status of each C-Bus unit is initiated at specific time intervals, without the need of a central controller. Each device is allocated a specific time frame to broadcast its status, synchronised by a self-generated system clock pulse.

This allows large amounts of data to be transmitted in a very small time frame, effectively and reliably on the network, leading to low processing overheads and low bandwidth requirements.

The primary reasons to use C-Bus System:

  • It is a highly robust and reliable control system with a low cost per node, making it energy efficient. In today’s society and economy value for money is important. Knowing CBus Home Automation systems can actually save you money, in the long run, is reassuring. Setting up the system effectively will eliminate lights being left on at times that your home is not occupied.
  • The system is highly adaptable to client needs, for example, by implementing the dimming capabilities, your home automation system can automatically adjust the light to positively reflect the natural light in an area. This means you are creating the perfect environment for your eyes, as they do not need to constantly adjust to varying light.
  • It has a wide range of tools available to allow 3rd party companies to interface with both PC based and embedded systems, reinforcing the importance of producing an adaptable automation system with the needs of customers as the core focus.
  • You can control an unlimited number of devices with a single C-Bus cable connection. This gives you the added security of knowing that if you decide to add devices to your system, you will not need to purchase the start-up equipment again.
  • C-Bus has ultimate flexibility in switching and control – functions can be changed, added, moved, removed and reprogrammed at any position on the network, at any time – without any cumbersome hard-wiring. Therefore, you have total control over your system at all times and can modify it to suit your lifestyle, or any changes to your usual routine. For instance, if you are planning an intimate dinner, you can adjust the dimmer setting to create the gentle ambience you want, alternatively you might be having a party and want areas of your house well lit.
  • C-Bus is simple to install and commission. C-Bus value that the systems created need to be user friendly and simple to use, as there is no point having the ultimate home automation system, if you don’t know how to use it or find it difficult. SMARTHOMEWORKS believes that C-Bus and it’s products are reliable and can have a positive impact in your home, this is one of the reasons  why we offer a support service, which you can ring at any time and one of our friendly staff will happily answer any of your questions and assist    you through every step. C-Bus can control any type of load, digital and analogue.



  • In residential environments, C-Bus offers a total luxury package. Clients can gain control over multiple devices and integrate with 3rd party systems to achieve a truly customised solution.
  • Using a C-Bus system you can achieve an improved environment of comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency in your home.
  • C-bus has done extensive research to create an effective home automation system for its clients. It has the flexibility to cater perfectly to clients’ needs.

Here at SMARTHOMEWORKS we highly recommend the C-Bus home automation system, the benefits are amazing, and will not only be seen initially with the installation but further down the track with future bills, as you utilise the ease of controlling and reducing the energy consumption in your home.

We can assure you that we are experts in this field who are eager to assist you, right from the start of your journey and we pride ourselves on continuing the support after the installation, when it comes time to utilise your home system independently.

Every question deserves to be answered and we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and friendly experts in regards to the CBus Home Automation System, we want to work with you to eliminate any hiccups you encounter along the way.

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