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Clipsal CBUS

SMARTHOMEWORKS are Schneider Electric CBUS Point1
Accredited Integration Professionals

C-Bus is a microprocessor-based control and management system for buildings and homes. It is used to control lighting and other electrical services such as fans, underfloor heating, motorised blinds etc. For a simple On/Off control of a lighting circuit, or as electronic dimmable circuits, C-Bus can be used to easily control virtually any type of electrical load.

C-Bus uses a patented method for updating the status of its units. This method does not require a central computer or central controller to handle databases or lookup tables to operate. The status of each C-Bus unit is initiated at specific time intervals, without the need of a central controller. Each device is allocated a specific time frame to broadcast its status, synchronised by a self-generated system clock pulse. This allows large amounts of data to be transmitted in a very small time frame, effectively and reliably on the network, leading to low processing overheads and low bandwidth requirements.


The primary reasons to use C-Bus are: Highly robust and reliable control system with low cost per node. Wide range of tools available to allow 3rd party companies to interface with both PC based and embedded systems.

A single C-Bus cable connection can control an unlimited number of devices. Ultimate flexibility in switching and control – functions can be changed, added, moved, removed and reprogrammed at any position on the network, at any time – without any cumbersome hard-wiring. C-Bus is simple to install and commission.C-Bus can control any type of load, digital and analogue. Image of C-BUS Saturn/Zen Panels.


In residential environments, C-Bus offers a total luxury package. Gain control over multiple devices and integrate with 3rd party systems to achieve a truly customised solution. Using a C-Bus system you can achieve an improved environment of comfort, convenience, security and energy efficiency in your home.