With a SMARTHOMEWORKS home security system you are able to receive a notification for every person who knocks on your door and be able to see them or you can set a lighting schedule to turn a configuration of lights on to give the appearance that there are people at home.

With a smart home security system you have a holistic approach to your integrated security. The home security system will combine your CCTV security camera, sensors for motion detection, alarms system, lighting and home network seamlessly so you can have a high level of protection at all times.

You can now have real-time control and access to your security system on your smartphone or tablet as long as you’re connected to the internet so you can ensure your family and home are safe at all times. Thanks to the growth in technology advancements.

Smart Home Security Systems

With many & new technology today, homeowners have many options when it comes to their home security systems.

Compare to traditional security systems which people consider as having a limited interaction, smart home security is a modern advancement in the home security system that gives the homeowners the full control over things like lighting, digital door locks and garage doors and soon, wellness products.

The add-ons to the modern advancements in home security such as security add-ons feature things like smarthome automation which give the user full control and access to their home security via devices such as smartphones, tablets and even smart watches.

Security System

  • Remote System Notifications/Warnings
  • DVR Storage – Play Stop Rewind
  • Remote Monitoring
    • Automatically Contact Emergency Services
  • Watch Your Home From Your Phone – Gain Integrated Control

Surveillance Cameras and Sensors

  • Range of High-Definition Cameras
    • Long Range Cameras, Wide Angle Lens, Night Vision, Covert, Nanny Cams, Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras
    • Temperature, Motion, Smoke and Fire, Screamers, Light Level Detection, Sensor Lights, Animal Sensitive Sensors, Water/Flood
  • Emergency Lighting Integration
  • Timers
  • Infrared Tracking
  • Wireless Alternatives
  • HVAC Disabling in Case of Fire

Imagine this: You’re coming home and approaching your garage. The first push on your key fob opens your garage door, the second push deactivates your security system, the third push releases the access door while a fourth push activates an arrive home scene turning on lights, opening blinds, playing music and warming/cooling your home. Welcome home.

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