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FIBARO offers a comprehensive environment via its home devices that embody the true meaning of smart home technology by adapting to the needs of you and your family.

FIBARO ensures that your home and data are secure through the WAF and Anti-DDoS systems, by using encrypted communication and TLS protocol and passwords with bcrypt.

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FIBARO have made sure that their detailed system is easy to install with a plug and play method, to bring the many benefits of their smart home technology into your home as soon as possible. Simply unpack FIBARO devices, undertake a short configuration, and you are all good to go.

FIBARO home automation can help to control the appropriate mood of a room based on your personal preferences. Whether it is relaxing, having fun or working, the potential of your interior is within your control with the help of FIBARO.


SMARTHOMEWORKS only offer the finest products to their customers, which is why we have chosen to stock FIBARO. Its many features are tailored to ease of use and include some of the following must have components for a modern smart home:

• Compatibility with most voice control technologies
• Remote access from anywhere
• Status updates for all of your devices
• Complete control of your home from anywhere in the world

Discover Your Options – Smart Lighting, Climate Control, Save Energy, Improve Security and Lower Insurance Costs.

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    From locking doors to warnings about fire, flooding, or burglary, FIBARO works to keep your home and family safe. It can assist children or the elderly with everyday tasks while providing a safe and secure smart home.

    A FIBARO system will monitor the electricity used by various home devices and be programmed to run in the most cost-efficient manner making it an environmentally friendly option.

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    FIBARO always puts comfort first with their remote lighting management which can follow a family member with light throughout the entire house.

    Lighting can be controlled by voice as well as being integrated with an alarm system to switch on in case of emergency. If you are traveling, lighting simulation can give the appearance that someone is home when you’re away.

    FIBARO lighting systems are conscious, only offering lighting where you need it with the brightness level adjusted to the amount of light around you. This can help cut down the costs of your electricity bills by ensuring you only use what you need.


    Arrive home from work to an appropriately cooled or heated house and use schedules to automatically adjust the climate needs of your home during every season and day of the year.

    FIBARO climate control can remotely manage your home temperature with a smart HVAC system which will save you money and time. The system offers:
    • Ventilation management any time of year
    • Remote/automatic day/night management
    • Heating for chosen spaces
    • Freezing prevention
    • Leak monitoring
    • Carbon monoxide monitoring

    The FIBARO smart air adapts to residents’ daily activities with automatic monitoring of air quality and temperature. The room temperature will adjust based on the weather conditions, even if you accidentally leave a window open. Door and window sensors can ensure that no energy is wasted thanks to the smart thermostat.


    Along with keeping your home secure, a FIBARO security system will lower your insurance costs with its simple security system management. Enjoy complete alarm system integration, automatic security firm notification and even the geolocation of your family members.

    Protect your home and arm your alarm system with the click of a single button, saving you time when you are rushing out the door. Motion sensor integration means that you can keep an eye on your property day and night and receive a notification with a video recording when motion is detected.

    You can also specify access for particular people, be it garden maintenance or housekeeping by supplying an individual PIN to trusted people, lessening the risk of unwanted entrance your property.

    FIBARO also acts as a virtual key to your home for couriers or guests who arrive before you do. You will have remote access to the door via the intercom at all times.


    Make your life simpler with home appliances that need as little involvement from you as possible. FIBARO can make this a reality.

    With Google Home voice assistant you can have the vacuum cleaner run through the house with a simple voice command. Receive a notification on your phone, or have the lamps blink in the living room to let you know the washing cycle is done while The Heat Controller raises the temperature in the drying room to get your clothing chores over and done with as quickly as possible!

    The SMARTHOMEWORKS personal favourite is the Goodnight scene, a way to prepare your home for a quiet night by turning off appliances, arming the alarm and turning on an air purifier.

    Smart Lighting, Climate Control, Save Energy, Improve Security and Lower Insurance Costs. We do Small Homes to Large Apartment Complexes.

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      FIBARO can assist your entire home, outdoors included, by reducing the effort needed for a neat backyard. You can adjust the mowing or watering frequency based on weather conditions, and control the lighting of the garden during the evenings.

      FIBARO gardens are:
      • Watered based on particular plants’ water requirements
      • Lit only after sunset
      • Protected with smart garden and pool surveillance
      • Monitored for air quality
      • Run by one-click watering management
      • Lit to follow where you walk
      • Heated for a perfect temperature in the pool



      FIBARO works to create an easier and more comfortable life for you and your family, freeing up your time for the things that matter most.

      Enjoy the very best in home automation comfort and let SMARTHOMEWORKS find the right smart home system and features for you. A FIBARO system offers the flexibility to add more devices and integrations as you see fit. Speak to the experienced and knowledgeable team at SMARTHOMEWOKS today about a FIBARO system, and start the path to a fully automated home and simpler way of living.

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