Audio and Video More Room for Living


As home entertainment fast becomes an integral part of every-day living, we are witnessing the monumental transformation from humble living-room to multi-dimensional, family space replete with complex technology and a whole lot more room-for- living. It is not uncommon to find the modern home equipped with numerous devices including TVs, DVD player and BluRay, set top boxes and more.

The PUSH Controls system injects harmony into this chaotic technological revolution, by streamlining everything to work at the PUSH of a button. Give simplicity a PUSH.

Lighting? Yes, it can be easier!


On face value, the home lighting system seems flawless. You just walk into a room, flick on a switch and hey presto, the lights are on. It couldn’t be any easier than that could it? With PUSH Controls, the answer is always quite simply Yes, it could be.

PUSH Controls can deliver a user friendly system that combines lifestyle advantages with environmental benefits. There will be no need to run from room to room looking for a switch, nor the need to waste power because you forgot to turn off that light in the room you already walked out of. From a hand-held, single-room dimming through to multi-room control, lighting automation becomes a seamless extension of your entertainment needs.Give convenience a PUSH.


Toys are fun. Entertainment is essential. But your greatest assets are most certainly your family and your home. And now PUSH controls can allow you to protect these assets with integrated security modules created for the PUSH Control System. With the simple addition of IP Cameras, you can easily monitor remote areas inside your home at the touch of a button. Activate your downstairs security system from the comfort of your upstairs bedroom. Give peace of mind a PUSH.


AV, Lighting and Security are just the beginning. With PUSH, the possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination. Why not add Climate control? Blind control? Energy management? The integration of these everyday functions means that your new PUSH controls system becomes your living room lifestyle partner, who will synchronise and simplify your home living. Give the easy life a PUSH.

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