Garden and Irrigation Control – Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise

Lush green lawns, thriving plants, and blossoming flowers are a dream for many.

The good news is that it can be achieved with a bit of planning, some agriculture advice, and the Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise garden and irrigation control system.

The Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise is an affordable device with a user-friendly interface on its 23/4″ full-colour touchscreen display that anyone can use by following straightforward directional prompts.

Furthermore, the Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise technology advanced wi-fi controller is ultra-reliable and robust, making it ideal for garden and irrigation control in residential and light commercial settings.

With predictive watering based on temperature forecast, rainfall probability and humidity levels, the Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise not only ensures garden health but also guarantees efficient water use, saving you a few dollars along the way.

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Managing your irrigation system could not be any easier with the Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise

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The Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise’s outdoor irrigation controller has web-based software that pairs with any smart browser or device worldwide. The high-tech features within the software make for convenient control and optimum irrigation to help your garden look incredible all year round.

In addition, a simple to install HC flow meter is an excellent extra feature that the Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise offers, especially for those wanting operational peace of mind when away from home. The flow meter is programmable to disperse suitable water coverage and sends immediate notifications to smart devices in the event of a broken pipe or sprinkler.

Managing your sprinkler and irrigation system could not be any easier with the Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise, with the convenience of controlling your irrigation system at the interface or from any wifi device.

Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise Features:

  • 23/4″ full-colour touchscreen display
  • Fixed type controller
  • Simple control panel programming
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to Hydrawise software
  • 6, 12 or 24 station options
  • Six independent irrigation programs
  • Six start times per program
  • 2-year warranty
  • Indoor and outdoor plastic enclosure
  • Plug-in outdoor transformer
  • Hydrawise Software Compatibles
  • Flow sensor compatible
  • Rain and freeze sensor compatible
  • 24 hour maximum station run time
  • Residential and small commercial application
  • Advanced station-based programming
  • Two advanced sensor inputs available
  • 1 P/MV output for pump start relay and master valve activation
  • Built-in current sensor for wire fault detection and alerts

Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise Advanced Features

Full-Colour Touchscreen Interface

The Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise has a 23/4″ full-colour touchscreen interface to make irrigation programming simple and easy to navigate. The touchscreen interface also allows for manual starting and can be operated with or without wifi connectivity.

Hydrawise Predictive Watering™ Adjustments

The predictive watering of the Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise is a great asset to minimise water use and irrigation cost. The advanced feature makes daily schedule adjustments, factoring in the past, current and forecasted temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed. The adjustments of watering schedule time and frequency ensures optimum efficiency for your local climate.

HC Flow Meter Monitoring And Alerts

Adding an easy to install HC Flow Meter to your Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise irrigation system allows you to monitor your piping and sprinklers. The HC Flow Meter will automatically send alerts to any smart devices connected to the Hydrawise software when a pipe is broken to prevent property damage. It also alerts users of restricted or no flow, causing inadequate irrigation of their garden.

Wiring Detection And Alerts

The Hunter Pro HC Hyrdawise controllers continuously monitor the electrical current flowing to all solenoid valves. If excessive or insufficient current is present, the Hydrawise software will send an alert and advise which valve is not working correctly. This feature allows a failed valve to be fixed before damage is caused to the interface, components and plants.

Two Advanced Sensor Inputs

Two general-purpose sensor inputs are in-built in the Hunter Pro HC Hydrawise and can be used for many different functions. The sensor inputs work with the HC flow meters, HC Clik sensors, and compatible rain and soil sensors. The two sensor ports can also start an irrigation cycle, allowing users to create custom starts based on sensor readings.

Hydrawise EPA Watersense Approved Smart Watering

All Hydrawise compatible controllers connected to Hydrawise software are classed as EPA WaterSense approved Smart Watering Controllers. Furthermore, the Hydrawise Predictive Watering™ adjusts schedules based on forecasted temperature, rainfall probability, wind and humidity; another great innovative watering feature to produce maximum water savings.

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