"These systems were the best decision of the entire project."

Smart Home Security and integration doesn’t just add to the value of your property and investment; it adds intrinsic value to the experience within the home.

As our world is getting busier and our lives are becoming more stressful, we need to maximise the time we have for the things that matter, and Smart Home Technology can help us do just that.

In this project, SMARTHOMEWORKS was contacted by an interior architect in the preliminary stages of a build-in June 2016 with project completion in late 2018. The client requested the full smart home solution experience, front to back.

SMARTHOMEWORKS joined the project, working with the client, architect, interior, and lighting designer, as well as working with three different electricians throughout the development. Consistency was a significant challenge; however SMARTHOMEWORKS were able to project manage the process delivering, in the words of the client, “a beautiful, smart home.”


The main concern of this client was future care. They needed to know SMARTHOMEWORKS could be relied upon for service as things change.

They opted for a $130,000 home automation project that was a complete success. The final integration involved:

  • Lighting and blinds control
  • Networking and intercom
  • CCTV and intrusion security
  • 12 zones of distributed audio and 3 5.1 surround sound TV systems
  • A Dolby Atmos home cinema and DBOX seats
  • Air conditioning and swimming pool integration

SMARTHOMEWORKS can provide the ultimate smart home automation solution, assessing roadblocks like one of the main ones found in this project, the dimming
of the special feature pendant lights. We understand the pitfalls of various projects due to our comprehensive experience in the industry.


The central component in this smart home was the Control4 home automation system. Control4 seamlessly integrated all aspects of the project, floor to ceiling. This gave the owner user-friendly control over every component and feature.

The Control4 Home Automation System makes the potential of any integration virtually limitless. With a touch of your thumb you can:

  • Control lighting
  • Command the entertainment system
  • Adjust the thermostat
  • Arm your intrusion alarm and check your CCTV
  • Interact through your intercom
  • Control your entertainment and home theatre

This just scratches the surface, as there is a wide range of options that can be commanded from the convenience of a smart device.

Even turning in for the night can be stress-free with the push of the “Goodnight” button. This command will turn off all lights and lock the doors. There is nothing that can’t be smart integrated by SMARTHOMEWORKS and the Control4 home automation system.


In collaboration with LA Lounge, the project’s lighting system was integrated using Philips Dynalite. Philips is the front runner when it comes to smart lighting. The range offers maximum lighting control, and Dynalite solutions can make sure your system is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, saving you money on ever-increasing power costs.

The Dynalite range provides a series of smart products including:

  • User interfaces
  • IR sensors
  • Relay controls
  • Phase cut and signal dimmer controls
  • Integration and network devices
  • Software and apps

Philips is a pioneering veteran electronic technology company who continue their legacy by staying on top of the podium, moving toward the future of smart home lighting and automation.


Dolby Atmos is re-writing the books in cinema surround sound. Be it in a major theatre or a small home cinema Dolby Atmos creates a new, all-encompassing multi-directional audio experience. This does away with traditional channels and left/right mixing. Dolby almost treats sound as if it is an object. This creates lifelike sounds that will sweep and move around you, increasing your entertainment enjoyment.

Not only does this provide a more realistic and interactive experience regardless of speaker configuration, but it also gives the sound a “space” rather than a source. The sound experience becomes fully interactive as the film’s director intended you to hear and feel it.


It was clear that the owner of this property was serious about movies!

SMARTHOMEWORKS went above and beyond, to create the ultimate smart home cinema with DBOX. This state of the art sensory cinema seat produces a fully immersive cinema experience. It uses subtle movements and vibrations to give you a feeling of being inside the movie itself, making the memories of the big screen’s golden years come alive in your smart home cinema.

Treat yourself to gold class level entertainment in your smart home with SMARTHOMEWORKS and DBOX.

smart home technology today

Are you looking to integrate smart home technology into your life? Don’t risk an investment in a system that doesn’t reach the expectations.

To achieve the smart life you want for you and your family, Speak to SMARTHOMEWORKS today. We are the leaders of Smart Home Automation and Security in the Sydney and broader NSW region. Whether you’re dealing direct or Integrating with other collaborators,
SMARTHOMEWORKS can guarantee that your dream home becomes your daily reality.

There are ever-increasing options for smart home installation jobs, which can make things difficult for the buyer. SMARTHOMEWORKS can help you navigate this features-based marketplace. We will put together a comprehensive plan that suits your budget and specifications to bring you the smart home of your dreams.

We act as the curator for intelligent home options; our goal is a symbiotic system that is not only simple to use but makes your life more straightforward as a result. Speak to SMARTHOMEWORKS today about making your home a smart home, and enjoy the benefits of home technology today!

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