Sonos is a wireless speaker system that you can use to play your music across the entire home. You can control what you hear through the speakers with an easy to use app on your phone or program on your computer. You can play your own locally stored music or the music streaming service of your choice. You can split your system up into zones and play different things in different rooms, or multiple rooms at once.

Sonos wireless speakers have been custom-designed for every space in your home. From the compact PLAY 1 to the TV compatible PLAYBAR, the Sonos line-up fills any room with crystal clear HiFi sound. With a solid range of high performance speakers, you can fulfil your music distribution needs with the Sonos wireless HiFi range.


SMARTHOMEWORKS are qualified Sonos distributers and can recommend the best combinations of Sonos products so you can easily enjoy high quality sound around your home.

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