As construction sites became more complex with a combination of different trades working together to build a new home they required competent project managers who were able to organise the multitude of different people and processes that came together to complete the project.

As it is with the different trades working together towards the client’s desires, imagine the different aspects/systems of the Smart House having to be designed and coordinated together to give the client a fully integrated system that is consistent throughout the home.

SMARTHOMEWORKS provides project management as part of our key services to ensure that our customers end up with a home that has been designed to their specifications with full explanation and recommendation by us.

Our design, programming & project management works include on-site and off-site meetings to co-ordinate the works of any trades involved in the automation system, review building design changes and incorporating them into the automation system design. This includes:

  • Booking & Scheduling Management

  • Cost Estimating & Price Comparisons

  • Stock Management & Procurement

  • SHW Team Management & On-site Lead

  • Clients First Point of Contact

  • Liaising With On-Site Trades and Professionals

  • Project Advice

  • Change Management, Design & Drawings

The Things We Often Hear


‘You want to find a comparable speaker set for a cheaper price’

‘You’re looking for information on the best way to set up a your tv/streaming services’

‘The electrician contracted has no clue what smart wiring is and will need induction into how to understand the documentation to ensure the job is completed properly’

‘Your amplifier has disconnected from the network and needs assessment for repair or replacement’

‘You want automated sensors and timers to control aspects of your home – how do you want it to work?’

‘The builder needs cut-out specifications for speaker locations for 10 different speaker types’

‘You want to use a boutique lighting supplier out of Germany – how well will their lights dim?’

‘You want to update your system that was installed in 2001’

‘Your electrician who said he understands CBUS has taken twice as long and costed you a fortune – you need someone to come and save the day’


The list never ends! SMARTHOMEWORKS can answer all your enquiries and address all your concerns.

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