As Australians opt for more feature-rich and complex pool designs, more top end pool builders are offering digital pool and spa controllers.

SMARTHOMEWORKS are working with Zodiac Pools – a global leader in the field, to provide you the best in integrated pool control.

Imagine being able to control your pool equipment from the comfort
of your lounge room, study, or kitchen.
No need to go to the pool equipment, with the snakes and spiders to turn on your pool lights.
Imagine showing off to your friends how you can control the waterfall, or the speed of the pump,
all at the touch of a screen.

What is under your control:

  • Pumps

  • Heaters

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Chlorinators

  • Cleaners

  • Swim-Jets

  • Water Features

  • Lights

  • Automated Pool Covers

Control4 delivers an interactive pool and spa control experience that makes it easy to turn the pool heater on or off, adjust the spa temperature, or crank the jets from iOS and Android smart devices, as well as from Control4 touch panels and onscreen TV interfaces. The user interface shows a recognisable water-in-motion animation when pool or spa pumps are on and when the heaters are running.

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