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The Benefits and Interoperability of KNX Home Automation

One of the primary reasons why people come to SMARTHOMEWORKS with all of their home automation needs is the fact that our team understands the latest releases. We help automate your life by offering the latest tools that are best suited to your needs. The KNX Home Automation Lighting System is just one of the...

The Best Keyless Access Control for Smart Homes

Have you lost your keys? Are you tired of carrying them around? Smart lock technology is here to help. Not only will it provide added security, but it also offers convenience. Keyless access control allows you to manage your door locks from a smartphone app. As part of your smart security system, you can have...

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Lutron Smart Home Lighting Control System

SMARTHOMEWORKS always keeps on the cutting-edge of smart home technology releases, and one of our favourite brands to watch and stock is Lutron. This well-known lighting control system manufacturer makes a range of products that give you total control over the lighting in your home. Great for indoor and outdoor applications, SMARTHOMEWORKS stock a range...

The Benefits of Smart Home Security

Each year, more and more people are relying on smart devices as part of their home security set-up. Why? The advancements in the various systems offer more benefits than you may think. Smart home security can help protect your family and belongings, and when coupled with home automation, smart home security makes life much simpler....

Does Smart Home Automation Work Without the Internet?

Smart home automation is becoming a standard feature in new or renovated homes. The futuristic homes that were only a thing of fantasy and fiction only a few decades ago are now a dream reality that transforms how we live our day to day lives. But what is a smart home? What are the benefits...

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Smart Home Automation Trends for 2021

As we all know, 2020 was the year of spending copious amounts of time at home. While 2021 should *hopefully* see us out and about a bit more, the focus many have put on ensuring their house is a comfortable space will be ongoing. A smart home hub device and smart home automation take the...

How Do You Make Your Home a Smart Home?

Smart home automation. You may have been hearing this phrase more often in recent times, as well as seeing more and more products in retail and online stores being called smart home devices. But what is a smart home, and what does a smart home do? Anyone who grew up watching old space-age cartoons like...

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The Best Smart Home Lighting Automation System In The Business

Do you want to reduce your electricity bills, smarten up your lighting and secure your home from theft while on holidays? Smart home lighting might just be your way forward. With its broad range of benefits, smart home lighting is one of the most intelligent additions you can introduce into your home. From basic smart...

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