What Can a Home Automation Company Do for You?

We live in the age of Google, and if you are interested in a smart home automation, you likely know how to use the internet! This means you've already done your own research for planning your smart home, so what do you need a home automation company for? There are a few reasons why, but...

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What Is Voice Controlled Home Automation?

Forgotten to turn the thermostat off before going to bed and don’t want to get out of your comfy slumber? Wish you had some background music while cooking but your hands are covered in buttery flour? We have all been there. It's at times like these you could really do with an extra set of...

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Everything You Need to Know About Savant Home Automation

The Savant Remote made headlines when Steve Jobs used it to control a yacht from his iPhone. While you may not quite yet have the yacht, it can do wonders for your home from your phone as well. Savant Home Automation Systems dialed down its mainstream market product to a much more affordable and accessible...

The Main Questions You Should Ask Your Smart Home Installer

While you have likely spent a bit of time investigating the options to find the right home automation system for you, have you given a level of research to your smart home installer as well? Ensuring you have a high-quality smart home automation installer is just as crucial as having the right system. Your smart...

The Touch Of Modern Times: Smart Home Automation

Imagine that with a single touch on your smart device, you can control and activate smart home automation of more than just basic home functions. From home appliances to lighting and security, smart home automation is a key convenience harnessing the latest technologies.  With innovation at the core, SMARTHOMEWORKS offers complete systems of smart home...

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The Rise of Smart Home Automation in Australia: The Benefits of a Smart Home

There was a time not so long ago when logging into your dial-up internet connection to access emails and information felt like something out of a movie. The internet has since affected nearly every aspect of our modern lives. It's changed the way we shop, how we communicate with each other, how we manage our...

Smart Technology Is Here to Stay: A Guide to the Smart Home

Smart technologies are expanding all the time, and the potential for smart and IoT (Internet of Things) devices to reshape our lives appears to be limitless. You probably already have these devices in your life. A smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, and you may also be finding new ways to incorporate them into your life all...

The Future of Smart Home Security and Integration Is Here with SMARTHOMEWORKS

In 2019, building industry professionals and homeowners are only just discovering that the operational functions of homes and businesses, as depicted in science fiction, are today an affordable reality. SMARTHOMEWORKS is at the industry front line of integrating this exciting world of technology.  Traditionally, security and home automation systems were expensive, complicated, and separate entities...

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