Smart Home Automation System Project in Captain Pipers Road, Vaucluse,NSW 2030

Portfolio – Captain Pipers Road, Vaucluse

Guy Holden and his Team at SMARTHOMEWORKS designed and implemented the home automation system for a large family home we built in Vaucluse. The brief was; create a smart home with lighting control, audio visual and security systems as a backbone for whatever systems or developments the owners might want in the future. Wary that home automation projects can escalate in both scope and cost I was very pleased with how Guy and his Team kept this well under control. Their knowledge and experience added to the overall design and stopped us making mistakes and installing things we did not need, but added things we did not know we could do like, iPad control for the system.

They took on the electrical and lighting project management and worked closely with the electrician throughout the project. The process and documentation they use is clear and simple which enabled us to manage the scope and keep the costs on budget. They were also flexible enough to adapt the design as the project and technology developed, and keep track of all changes.

Overall the planning, implementation and end result was a success. They exceeded my expectations but not the budget. I would recommend using SMARTHOMEWORKS.

Drew Spring
General Manager
Home Construct – Bespoke Residential
0412 473 415

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