SMARTHOMEWORKS strives to provide the finest systems for homeowners who are looking to, or in the process of, creating a smart home landscape. The DALI-2 system ensures a consistent experience with connected devices perfect for everyday usage.

DALI is an industry-standardised protocol across lighting controls. Specified in the multi-part international standard IEC 62386, the protocol also has specifications written by DiiA. DALI-2 is the latest version of the DALI protocol and features many new commands and more control devices such as application controllers, input devices, and bus power supplies.

With simpler wiring, DALI-2 protocol allows compatible devices to listen for unique or group addresses that they have been added too. This international standard is used by many manufactures, suppliers and installers guaranteeing real interoperability and seamless integration.

Avoid being locked into the supply of a single manufacturer

Applying smart home automation to your lighting system not only means convenience but peace of mind and efficiency. When speaking about Lutron specifically, you get an ease of installation and use, along with the cost-benefit of decreased energy costs.

SMARTHOMEWORKS offers the full range of Lutron systems. The following are the standout models that work for a range of needs and budgets.

A simplified lighting control

DALI-2 gives switching and sensor devices more freedom. Previously contained within another protocol or locked to a proprietary control system, DALI-2 moves everything onto the DALI line. This means more freedom, availability and greater choice across a significant number of compatible products.

The differences between DALI to the DALI-2 Extension

New commands and features include:

  • A new “extended fade-time” which makes fades from 0.1 seconds up to 16 minutes possible
  • Error corrections
  • A more precise specification of electrical tolerances
  • Lower risk for malfunctions
  • More detailed specification with less risk for misinterpretations
  • Restructuring of specification with a dedicated system description
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