SMARTHOMEWORKS strives to provide the finest systems for homeowners who are looking to, or in the process of, creating a smart home landscape. The DALI-2 system ensures a consistent experience with connected devices perfect for everyday usage.

DALI is an industry-standardised protocol across lighting controls. Specified in the multi-part international standard IEC 62386, the protocol also has specifications written by DiiA. DALI-2 is the latest version of the DALI protocol and features many new commands and more control devices such as application controllers, input devices, and bus power supplies.

With simpler wiring, DALI-2 protocol allows compatible devices to listen for unique or group addresses that they have been added too. This international standard is used by many manufactures, suppliers and installers guaranteeing real interoperability and seamless integration.

Avoid being locked into the supply of a single manufacturer

Applying smart home automation to your lighting system not only means convenience but peace of mind and efficiency. When speaking about Lutron specifically, you get an ease of installation and use, along with the cost-benefit of decreased energy costs.

SMARTHOMEWORKS offers the full range of Lutron systems. The following are the standout models that work for a range of needs and budgets.

A simplified lighting control

DALI-2 gives switching and sensor devices more freedom. Previously contained within another protocol or locked to a proprietary control system, DALI-2 moves everything onto the DALI line. This means more freedom, availability and greater choice across a significant number of compatible products.

The differences between DALI to the DALI-2 Extension

New commands and features include:

  • A new “extended fade-time” which makes fades from 0.1 seconds up to 16 minutes possible
  • Error corrections
  • A more precise specification of electrical tolerances
  • Lower risk for malfunctions
  • More detailed specification with less risk for misinterpretations
  • Restructuring of specification with a dedicated system description

Instances and Grouping possibilities

DALI-2 includes the provision for an “instance” which is a subcategory of an input device. For example, an MSensor V2 includes three subcategories:

1. Light sensor
2. Motion sensor
3. Remote control

Each input device can handle up to 32 different instance types. Furthermore, instances of input devices can be attributed to 32 instance groups (one instance of an input device must be part of a maximum of three instance groups).

Instances of varying input devices can be assigned to the same instance group. The maximum size of an instance group is defined by the total number of all instances of installed input devices.

smart home theatre
smart home kitchen lighting installation

DALI-2 for control devices

DALI-2 has a new first, including control devices that DALI did not include in version 1. It is important to note that only certified products can carry the DALI-2 logo.

DALI-2 for control devices can have defined application controllers and input devices defined, single and multi-masters, defined event priorities and separate addressing and grouping from the control gear.

Benefits of DALI-2 for control gear and bus power supplies

With clearer specification, including bus timing and bus power supplies, DALI-2 offers improved interoperability. The requirement for polarity insensitivity leads to easier installation, and the bus-powered units mean less overall wiring is required.

As there are multiple logical units, DALI-2 allows for more cost-effective products and the extended fade time (100 ms to 16 minutes) lets you enjoy increased comfort and flexibility. DALI-2 has manufacturer-specific operating modes for improved interoperability and flexibility and a query light-source type for easier maintenance.

DALI-2 and interoperability

With significantly improved multi-vendor interoperability, DALI-2 testing procedures are much more detailed than version 1. DiiA organises regular Plugfests, allowing member companies to test interoperability across their products in conjunction with other manufacturers’ devices. This enables validation and further improvement of test sequences in the future.

Want to learn more about DALI-2?

As the experts in Sydney for everything smart home-related, SMARTHOMEWORKS can help you discover the benefits of DALI-2 in your home automation. Particularly beneficial for users looking to upgrade from the original DALI system, our team will work with you to ensure a smooth transition to the upgraded platform.

Let us help you with every element of your smart design and the devices included in it today. The SMARTHOMEWORKS team can assess your current set-up and needs considering our wide range of our products. We work to your budget with the goal of making your life, and the operation of your home, simpler.

View our portfolio of smart-designed homes in Sydney and NSW for peace of mind that our high-quality smart solutions are second-to-none. Book an appointment with our team today to discuss DALI-2 and how it can work for you along with a look at our other smart home device offerings. With SMARTHOMEWORKS on the case, you’ll have an efficient, easy and enjoyable home in no time!

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