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When it comes to the design of your new home, SMARTHOMEWORKS has 20 years of experience in designing these stunning systems to integrate seamlessly into your daily routines.

We work closely with the architect and clients to determine the best design and system that will accomplish all the clients’ goals for how they want to improve their lifestyle with better technological control. We understand that budget constraints will always be of concern and we will work within their parameters to provide our clients with a truly cost-effective solution for their smart home system.

“An element of smarts is now
being installed into nearly every new home across Sydney”

Guy Holden MD


SMARTHOMEWORKS will design the full electrical layout in comprehensible CAD drawings that will match with associated electrical scheduling which has been completed in such a way, as to minimise any confusion when it comes to the electrician running all the necessary wiring that will be required throughout the home. This required wiring is regarding the networking, lighting, audio, video, security and access systems. These highly detailed designs are very useful for procuring range of prospective electrical tenders that will assist our clients in making more informed decisions going forward.

SMARTHOMEWORKS can recommend a number of excellent electricians that we know can run/wire these systems with great proficiency and at a low cost.

We are very proud of our documentation and we will provide a complete set of as-built documents to the client upon completion of the project that will provide all the product specific information on how the systems have been wired and how to best utilise the control systems chosen.


The design process starts with an overview meeting; this allows us to inform our clients of the current technological advancements and choices they have when it comes to the systems and controls available to them. This first meeting will allow us to get rid of any of those lingering doubts that our clients have in regards to how easy the systems are to use, the surprisingly low cost options that are available and the idea that this technology isn’t just a futuristic ideal, but available now!

If you would like to discuss what systems may work for you, and to get a free overview of the kind of costs that are associated, all we would require before the meeting is a set of drawings from your home, whether this be architectural drawings, reflected ceiling plans, electrical plans or the CAD drawings. We can then make an informed assumption on the scale of what is possible for your new home.