Enhance your lifestyle and living experience with the innovative, technical designs from SMARTHOMEWORKS. We design and implement the installation of personalised home automation systems for our clients in Sydney. Our cost-effective solutions provide an unprecedented level of comfort, convenience, and sophistication in your home.




We listen to your (or your clients) needs

We offer some SmartHome design ideas, samples and options

You get a rough plan and cost for your project

We help identify technologies required

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We flesh out the details in your Electrical Design Plans

You get a ‘For Tender/ Construction’ Document

We give a formal inventory of costs and quote for the project

You get documentation on exactly what needs to be done

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We find experienced and proven SmartHome Electrical Contractors for you

Induct electrician on wiring SmartHome system

We can project manage the builders, architects, electricians and client throughout the job

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Planning & documentation allows us to package and accurately quote the the following

Smart Security Systems
Solar Power
Energy Management Systems
Intercom Systems
Home Theatres
Aged Care
Disability Assistance
New Home & Retrofit

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  • Scoping
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Project Management
  • Installation / Works
  • Inspection
  • Technology Partnering
  • Subcontractor Selection and Assessment
  • Assisted Living
  • Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Energy Savings Solutions
  • Training and Development
  • Support
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A high-profile sporting client was looking to make their investment property stand out in a reasonably developed market. The conversion to a well designed, planned and professionally installed smart home automation system would help to increase the resale value of the property while distinguishing it from other properties in the area….



Portfolio – Murray Street, Bronte. As a builder working in high end residential properties for the last 20 years, word of mouth is my only form of advertisement. Respect and appreciation of quality are paramount for me and all my clients. Working with SMARTHOMES and all their team on my own house proved no exception…



Portfolio – Andre Porebski Architects. I have had the pleasure of working with Mr Guy Holden on numerous projects over the past 10 years. His involvement in the projects has varied from providing full home automation design to design of the audio visual systems only. The projects ranged in value from $25,000, for a surround…

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What is a Smart Home/ Home Automation?

Can you imagine controlling more than basic home functions? Imagine having access to your home appliances and other electronic home automation devices while you’re away. Luckily, with the innovative SMARTHOMEWORKS home automation complete systems, all this is possible!

Understanding the Basics of Home Automation

Home automation uses new technology. With this we gain access to all electrical devices and systems. Users can control these devices and systems automatically through a user-friendly interface. That is why a home that uses a home automation system is also known as a “smart home”.

Previously only commercial buildings and expensive houses could install automated central control systems. Typically they used a simple control system. Some examples are automation of lighting, heating and cooling systems and other basic building functions. These functions were controlled from specific control areas within the building itself.

Thanks to the development of advanced home automation technology today, any home, big and small, can be a smart home! Nowadays we can connect nearly everything to a controllable network to access anywhere. From security and access control, to air conditioning and motorised blinds. To irrigation, pool and spa control, energy and solar management, audio/video distribution around the home, and a lot more.

Take control of almost everything in your home NOW! Check the most advanced home technology we can provide for you and your whole family.

How Home Automation Works

Home automation controllers connect smart devices, appliances, electrical systems and certain points to a local area network. These devices will have their own IP address. Homeowners can track, access and control devices remotely through the internet. You can also access your automated home through a remote control, a smart device, or a mobile app.High level automation for smart homes can access automated devices through a single smart device and mobile app. All of these allows control of your home right at your fingertips. In other words, a touch of a button can do the magic.

Home automation makes your home a more convenient, customised, efficient, and secure place. It provides a high level of functionality, flexibility, and confidence for the owner. Living in a “smart home” improves lives while increasing the value of your property.


Characteristics of a Smart Home

A smart home is no doubt an awesome and appealing place to live in. But, what exactly makes a smart home great?


Smart home technology allows you to control various devices to work automatically that suits your lifestyle and preference. This is a key feature that makes a smart home digitally functional!


Remote tracking and control is another key feature that makes a smart home unique and more favoured than non-smart homes. With remote access, you can control your devices even when you’re away from home!

Benefits of Home Automation

The best home automation system has lots of advantages. This is why you’ll never regret turning your home into a “smart home”. Here are three of the benefits of a complete home automation system.


First, the security systems of a smart home are always at the ready. In this case, when someone arrives at your home, you’ll be notified. Likewise, you can adjust a lighting schedule to for an impression that your home is manned, even if it’s not.

Moreover, you can give access codes to certain people to limit access. Also, you can give access to certain areas of the property. Finally, this will ensure that everyone is safe and secured.


Second, you can control devices and appliances whether you’re at home or not. For instance, you can adjust the brightness and intensity of your lights throughout the day. This, without having to go to the switch from time to time. Also, you can setup intercom to answer calls directly from your smart phone.

Summing up, there are many things you can do. All of these work to make sure that you experience convenience. You’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived in a non-automated home before.

Energy Efficiency

Generally, a “smart home” promotes substantial energy savings. Specifically, home automation network allows you to monitor and manage power usage by configuring the system. Examples are lighting, cooling and heating systems, or any other devices.

A smart home can minimise electricity usage because devices can be programmed to turn off automatically when not in use. Imagine the savings you can make on operational costs and utilities when in a smart home.

Future Proofing Your Home

Home automation is the best way to future proof your home. You can meet your needs and preferred specs for the future through home automation. You can customise, design and upgrade to a user-friendly system. You can prepare for the evolving technological view of building for the homes of today and tomorrow. Central heating, fitted kitchens, and double glazing have become standard features for new houses. But, the adaptability of the construction industry were slow.  In fact, the industry has been slow in adjusting to developments that enhance lifestyles.

Houses have been wired the same way for years. Yet, there is now a drastic change on how we communicate, listen to music, watch TV, and do basic thingsFor instance, we have adapted multi-room AV distribution and high speed internet in our daily lives. These are vital aspects that house builders, engineers, property developers, architects, and even real estate consultants must consider when designing electrical systems.

Nowadays, we need to build modern homes with flexibility. It is important to consider these technological innovations. The key is to future proof your home right at the planning and designing stage. Future proofing new homes is essential. After all, we need to be prepared to embrace every technology as it happens…in all its glory.

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