Garden/Irrigation Control – Irrigation Caddy

Controlling your sprinkler system should not be a complicated task. With an IrrigationCaddy you will now have the convenience of controlling your sprinkler system from any web-enabled device. The device is affordable, user-friendly and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

The IrrigationCaddy device is a WiFi enabled, web-based irrigation control system. The system allows the user to control and schedule an irrigation system from any computer with a web browser or through the whole house control app (Control4). No special software for clients is required: just a web browser on a computer, or a mobile phone with the app.


  • Wifi
    • The IrrigationCaddy IC-W1 model comes with WiFi integration and is easily connected to a WiFi router. You can alternately run an Ethernet cable to the system.
  • Web-Enabled
    • The IrrigationCaddy is controlled from a web browser, whether the browser is in a computer, an iPhone, iPad, or any other web-enabled device.
  • Expandable to 43 Zones
    • The IrrigationCaddy can be expanded to control up to 43 zones total. The main unit already comes with a standard 11 zones. Additional expansion modules of 8 zones each can be added, up to 4 modules for a total 43 zones.
  • Friendly User Interface
    • The user interface is friendly and intuitive. Anyone can use the IrrigationCaddy, no training or lengthy manuals are required.
  • Zones can be Assigned Names
    • The watering zones can be named. Gone are the days of having to remember which number goes with which zone!
  • Visual Calendar
    • The calendar gives you a visual representation of when the programs will run. You can get a monthly, weekly or even daily representation. There is no more guessing of when your sprinklers are supposed to run.
  • Water Usage at a Glance
    • The system is capable of tracking the water usage. The system includes the ability to add a flow sensor / meter which the system will use to track the usage, and log it to permanent storage. The user interface provides the ability to plot this data in a user friendly manner.
  • Mobile Control
    • The mobile app is the easiest and most convenient way to control your system.
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