Smart Home Technology: A Guide to the Smart Home Automation

smart home control system

Smart home technology is expanding all the time, and the potential for smart and IoT (Internet of Things) devices to reshape our lives appears to be limitless. You probably already have these devices in your life.

A smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, and you may also be finding new ways to incorporate them into your life all the time.

Smart technology is being integrated into more and more of the devices and home appliances we use daily, and quite a few of these devices are ones that have been staples in our homes for centuries. 

The pandora’s box of smart technology is well and truly open, and SmartHomeWorks are leaders in integrating smart technology solutions into your home.

Let’s take a look at some of the new smart devices finding their way onto the market, some of which you may already be using, and some you may add to your home in the not too distant future.

Smart Home Devices

Smart Locking

Door locks have been around for over 4000 years, and although the primary function of a lock has never changed, lock technology definitely has.

Smart locks provide your home with added security and convenience. They allow you to access and control your door locks from a smartphone app. They have become another part of your smart security system, giving you full remote control of your locks while being able to notify you about lock activity.

Smart Security Systems

A smart security system allows you to control your intrusion and security camera system from your smart device, laptop, or PC. Before smart technology, you would have required a contract with a security monitoring company to alert you and the authorities of a triggered alarm. 

Smart security technology not only allows you to arm, disarm, and monitor your own intrusion system but also allows you to access live or recorded CCTV footage remotely via a smartphone app.

Smart Intercoms and Doorbells

Smart Intercoms and doorbells work alongside your smart locking and smart security. Like most smart devices, you can operate your home doorbell or intercom via an app. This lets you interact with visitors or salespeople, or unlock the gate and direct couriers as to where they can leave parcels. 

Smart doorbells can also act as extra CCTV security by recording footage when triggered by motion, sending you a notification, and an image. 

Smart Garden

Remember the days when you had to ask family or a neighbour to water your lawn while you were on a family holiday? This is a thing of the past with smart technology.

Be it an independent system or programmed and triggered from a calendar, you can now remotely access your whole garden system via your laptop or smartphone. 

In fact, there are even smart lawn mowers appearing on the market, saving you money on hiring a keeper.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers allow you to control any number of home functions via voice command. This can include turning on your smart sound system, adjusting your air-conditioning, opening and closing smart blinds, or dimming your smart lighting. 

You can even access the internet and request information, like recipes for dinner or directions to a restaurant. The smart speaker is continually expanding and will provide more control as smart technology develops.

Smart Refrigerators

The first vapour-compression refrigerator was invented in the early 1800s, and its primary functions are mostly the same. A fridge with smart technology, however, can be linked to your smart home network or remote device.

This can notify you when your milk is out of date, or it can send a message to your smart TV saying you have left the fridge door open. 

You can even scan RFID or barcodes, and the fridge will determine what needs replenishing. Shop online for your groceries and then arrange delivery direct from the refrigerator control panel.

Smart Vacuums

Robot vacs have been on the market for quite a while now. They have quickly been incorporated into the world of smart technology. What if you need to clean the floor for dinner guests and you are running late from work? Just log into your app and activate your wet or dry robot servant, it’s never been easier.

Smart TV

Smart TV was one of the first home devices that integrated smart technology. The television has been a centre point of the family home for decades, so it makes sense this smart device evolved with the rise of the internet. 

It started with smart television giving you access to internet browsing, and this has now expanded to video streaming and gaming, and is expanding into controlling other smart home functions.

Smart Washing Machines and Dryers

There are not many white goods that smart technology hasn’t been able to integrate with. Similar to the smart vacuums, washers and dryers can be controlled from the convenience of your smartphone or your desktop at work. This also means you can negate the stress of fire risks that traditional clothes dryers presented.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting may surprise you with the number of possible applications it has. There are obvious features like turning your lights on and off or dimming them, but most smart lighting often incorporates ceiling fan functions as well. 

Again all this can be controlled from your phone and tablet. There are even smart security light globes that act as CCTV security recording footage to micro SD cards. You can stream them right to your phone or remote application with features like two-way intercoms to deter possible intruders.

Smart Ovens

Smart ovens will make you feel like you’re in a home from a science fiction movie. They provide unparalleled control over one of our most ancient of home devices.

You can adjust all settings, timers and other features of your oven, the temperature and cooking fans, all from an app on your smartphone or tablet. Not only can this alert you about the vegetables you forgot were cooking, but it also acts as a fire safety precaution.

Make your home smarter with SmartHomeWorks today

If you are interested in integrating smart technology into your home, or looking to expand your current system, speak to the expert team at SmartHomeWorks. We are leaders in the field of smart home integration and can help bring your home into the future, making life much simpler in the process. Call the smart home experts today.



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