The Philips Dynalite Control System Explained

The Philips Dynalite Control System is a lighting control platform that provides breed lighting control currently used in over 35,000 projects around the world. This means that whatever situation you wish to apply it to, it likely already has been.

This system is an industry-leading innovator that is appropriate for large and small solutions. SMARTHOMEWORKS have put this article together to help explain the system in detail. The principles discussed in this piece are appropriate for energy management and architectural lighting applications. The Philips Dynalite Control System offers high-level functionality in a sustainable lighting control built for economic return, productivity, and user comfort. So let’s dive into why this system is so widely used and respected!

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The main benefits of the Philips Dynalite Control System

  • Preset lighting control 

The Dynalite control systems allows you to program various lighting scenes, or pre-set settings, for whatever occasion or mood you may have. Control the ambiance of your home with these easy to program and activate scenes.

  • Distributed Control and Monitoring 

From any point on the network, you have complete control of the lighting and the ability to monitor the system components, create reports and check the status of the system.

  • Simple Installation and Configuration 

This system features one of the fastest setup and configuration processes on the market.

  • Flexibility 

The EnvisionSuite software makes any necessary changes to layouts or control methods extremely easy.

  • Energy Saving

Intelligent lighting systems work smarter not harder in conjunction with natural light giving you a completely optimized home and lessened operating and maintenance costs.

  • Scalability

Great for situations where tenants are constantly changing, Philips Dynalite offers user interfaces that can access any function or output channel for easy reconfiguration.

  • Advanced Integration

The DyNet system can work in conjunction with a range of systems including blinds, temperature control, and entertainment systems.

  • Increased lamp life 

The system’s ”soft start” and surge limiting voltage regulation dramatically increases lamp life.

The DyNet System Strategy

The Philips Dynalite Control System uses distributed intelligence to understand the relationship between user interfaces and load controllers. Continuous operation is achieved by the system understanding how each device manages its responsibility.

This also means that advanced features can be added to suit the requirements of modern projects. The system is incredibly scalable, perfect for large projects as it can hold up to 16,776,960 devices on a single network. Any layout can be created with advanced addressing methods meaning physical channels can be allocated to logical areas with up to 65,353 within a single system.

The system uses the industry-standard RS485 network and responds to correctly transmitted messages from any device or integrated third-party network. Dynalite devices will support a minimum of one DyNet port with just one protocol that can be used for system commissioning and daily operations of the system.

The use of channels will alter any electronically controlled dimension of a space, and presets will recall the individual levels for a group of channels. These same presets can perform a variety of tasks with instructions executed in sequence or executed based on a status request. This can be used to control a single area or an entire building or change the status of thousands of lighting channels.

Philips Dynalite Control System Sensors - SmarthomeworksDynalite and sensors

The Philips Dynalite Control System can be combined with sensors for improved energy management, safety, and comfort. With the use of multifunction sensors your system can be capable of presence and light-level detection providing instances like detection of when a room is first occupied, recalling a preset scene instantly. This can also trigger a scene for the adjoining room, changing the lighting based on whichever presets you prefer.

All lighting presets can be given a ‘time-out’ period, switching off the lights if an ongoing presence is not detected, helping you to save energy. These multifunction sensors feature light-level detection meaning they can work in tandem with natural light to as a further energy efficiency. The sensors will detect natural light levels and regulate light output whenever the room is occupied.

Presets can also regulate light intensities for various lighting channels so that lights which are further away from the windows offering more output than ones that are located closer.

Third-party systems

The integration of third-party systems is simple with a Philips Dynalite Control System providing seamless operation via a single consistent interface. The Dynalite platform can support a range of temperature sensors meaning you won’t need a wall full of interfaces. A single user interface can control multiple services via one timeclock schedule for ease of programming.

The various integration systems and options include:

HVAC integration

This can be linked with presence detection ensuring the room’s heating or cooling level is suitable and the automatic shut down or swap to a more energy-efficient setting when the room is emptied.

AV integration

Great for use in a boardroom, for example, the Dynalite system can be set for a meeting or presentation to automatically dim lights, lower the projector screen, turn on the projector and other relevant tasks. A single seamless platform that can save time.

Blind integration

Blinds can be integrated to respond to various preset options to” open or close blinds automatically in conjunction with any of the settings mentioned above. They can also work with natural light, measuring glare levels to minimise heat build-up in warmer months.

Speak to SMARTHOMEWORKS about a Philips Dynalite Control System

The benefits of a well-designed lighting control go way past just the positive effects on your bottom line. It makes life easier, more efficient, provides energy savings,  and above all, comfort. Speak to SMARTHOMEWORKS today about a Philips Dynalite Control System for your home or business and take advantage of the smart technologies available now.

Intuitive operation of multiple functions from a single button is the future of home or business automation, and you can reap the benefits of this straight away. SMARTHOMEWORKS are the experts when it comes to smart technologies and can help design and implement a system that works for your needs and budget today.

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