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The Savant Remote made headlines when Steve Jobs used it to control a yacht from his iPhone. While you may not quite yet have the yacht, it can do wonders for your home from your phone as well.

Savant Home Automation Systems dialled down its mainstream market product to a much more affordable and accessible remote control and hub that has completely changed the home automation world. If you are considering a new or upgraded smart home system, the home automation experts at

SMARTHOMEWORKS has everything you need to know about Savant home automation. If you have more questions at the end of this article, our team would love to help.

Who is Savant Automation?

Founded by Robert Madonna in 2005, Savant specialised in luxury home automation systems with a very high price tag. In 2016, the Savant Remote was launched as a more accessible version of the company’s software and has gone on to revolutionise the possibilities of smart home technology.

The Savant smart home system provides some of the most in-depth design and functionality available in the world of home automation. The system includes:

  1. The main hub
  2. A touchscreen remote
  3. A lamp control device

These three components communicate with one another over wifi and Bluetooth. The remote is able to control your TV and entertainment system along with anything that is connected to the lamp control device in the form of light fixtures. 

The simple-to-use system offers voice command and a mobile app for control and has built a reputation of high-quality, requiring less technical support and maintenance than other home automation options.

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Savant remote and other systems

A considerable benefit of the Savant home automation system is the lack of need to replace your other systems. Savant smart home solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your other devices like Apple TV, PlayStation, or Xbox and Sonos speakers.

Currently, the Savant system can integrate with over 380,000 third-party devices, a list that is continually growing, soon to include shades and locks.

Lamps are controlled using a plug-in adapter, which means you can dim and turn on or off anything that is connected to the lamp controller. The primary benefit here being that Savant’s automation system can control everything in your home from one device.

This makes it easy to customise an entire experience, pre-programming your device with whatever settings you like for your streaming devices and lighting, also known as “scenes.”

The scenes allow you to create a single command for a specific event. For example, a ‘movie night,’ which turns on your television, selects your streaming service and turns down the lights as needed. Simply push one button, and your environment will be ready to go.

Savant’s home automation touchscreen

The amazing touchscreen remote is designed for intuitive use through innovative functionality and offers a sleek design. The second you pick it up, the remote automatically turns on with backlit buttons, and it can be controlled by these or voice commands.

The easy-to-use and navigate touchscreen features three pages:

  1. A list of your favourite channels
  2. A list of all components controlled by the remote 
  3. A list of the scenes you have created

You can swipe left and right to move through the screens as the remote was explicitly designed for easy one-handed use. You may actually notice a similarity between the Savant remote and Apple products; this is because it was designed by Apple’s industrial design director.

The functionalities mimic Apple devices, so those with an iPhone will not be unfamiliar with this software which makes mastering it a quick task.

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Easy installation and Set-up 

The final benefit we will discuss in regards to the Savant system is the fact that all of these impressive capabilities are easy to set-up. Designed primarily for ease of use, the installation and set-up are one of the most straightforward out of all home automation systems.

The remote connects via BlueTooth, meaning it does not require a line of sight to control your devices, you can be anywhere in the house. If you have a large home or lots of thick doors, you can boost your signal with the AAA-powered IR (infrared) blaster.

The system also comes with a stand-alone wireless IR puck, so you will not need to wire any extensions. With SMARTHOMEWORKS professional smart home installation in Sydney and wiring, we can ensure your home automation system is correctly set up and ready to deliver optimal performance.

The future of Savant

A company that never lays idle, Savant is continuously improving its system and capabilities to feature more connectivity, a greater device range, and more intuitive functionality. The world of smart home automation installation is in a truly exciting phase as it grows ever-more popular, streamlining its technology to create a simple and luxurious lifestyle for everyone.

Savant has mastered the automation of entertainment and lighting, and will soon include shades, locks, and climate control. As the system continues to develop, the bar for great smart home automation raises.

Interested in a Savant System for your home?

If all of the above has you very interested or even completely convinced that a Savant home automation system is right for you, have a chat with the team at SMARTHOMEWORKS for more information or to take the next step.

Our team can examine your current situation to determine which system will be best for you, while also giving you the necessary information on the cost of a Savant home automation system. As experts in smart technology and home automation, we find the best solutions for our customers every time.

Speak to SMARTHOMEWORKS about making your home a more pleasant experience today, and make the most of the world of automation. The technology has never been more affordable or simple to use, making everyday processes much simpler. Let’s get started.




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