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Every element of your home automation should offer advantages, which is why the team at SMARTHOMEWORKS recommends an industry-leading innovator such as the Philips Dynalite Control System to many of our clients. Great for large and small solutions, energy management and architectural lighting has never been easier.

So why are we such big fans of the Philips Dynalite Control System? Well, it not only offers high-level functionality but it is built for economic return and user comfort. There are many other advantages and things to know about this system as well, so keep reading and see if it may be the option for you. As always, our expert team is here at the end to confirm this!

The advantages of the Philips Dynalite Control System

We won’t keep you waiting; let’s detail the primary advantages of the Philips Dynalite Control System right at the top, then we’ll dive into some more helpful info below. To get started, the main advantages are as follows:

  • The system is your best way to save energy
    The primary advantage of this intelligent lighting system is a fully optimised home that saves energy and lowers operating and maintenance costs.
  • Programmable scenes to suit your mood
    Program lighting scenes with ease for a specific mood or occasion, so the ambience of your home is always perfect.
  • Distributed Control and Monitoring
    You always have total control of your system from any point on the network, along with the ability to monitor system components, create reports and see the real-time status of the system.
  • Easy to install and configure
    With one of the fastest setup and configuration processes available, you will see a stress-free setup process, especially with our help!
  • Flexible and scalable
    Thanks to the EnvisionSuite software, changes to layouts, reconfiguration and other control methods are very simple to do.
  • Integration with other implements
    The DyNet system works seamlessly with blinds, temperature control, and entertainment systems for an easy-to-run complete set-up.
  • Longevity
    Built-in elements like ”soft start” and surge limiting voltage regulation help to increase lamp life giving you maximum longevity.

Why are there so many advantages? The DyNet System is the answer

Distributed intelligence is the key to the success of the Philips Dynalite Control System. It features a seamless relationship between user interfaces and load controllers with continuous operation. Advanced features can be added thanks to the scalable nature of the system, which can hold up to 16,776,960 devices via a single network.

With the industry-standard RS485 network, transmitted messages from any device can be quickly processed, and Dynalite devices can handle a minimum of one DyNet port with one protocol. Presets can perform various tasks, and their corresponding instructions can be supplied in sequence or on a status request basis. Control a single area or entire building with ease, or change thousands of lighting channel statuses effortlessly.

Combining the Philips Dynalite Control System with sensors

Whilst already great, you can improve your system’s energy management, safety, and comfort even further by using sensors. Multifunction sensors, for example, will turn your system into a setup capable of presence and light-level detection. The minute you walk into a specific room, the lights can turn on (and off when you leave), meaning no more wasted electricity if you forget to hit the switch when you are done.

This sensor can recall a preset scene instantly, then trigger a scene for the adjoining room, meaning wherever you go, the presets you prefer are automatically activated without you needing to think about, or do, anything. Multifunction sensors feature light-level detection and work in tandem with natural light creating even more energy efficiency. If the sensors detect natural light, they will regulate the synthetic light output to suit.

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Integration with third-party systems

Third-party systems are always a worry for a home automation enthusiast, but that fear is lessened with a Philips Dynalite Control System. Seamless operation via a single interface that can support a range of temperature sensors is no problem. Control multiple services with a single user interface and one timeclock schedule with a range of integrated systems that include:

  • Blinds integration to respond to various preset options, open or close blinds automatically and work with natural light to minimise heat build-up when it’s hot outside.
  • HVAC integration that can be linked with presence detection, so your heating or cooling is perfect with an automatic shut down when the room is empty.
  • AV integration can be perfect for a home theatre setup or boardroom. Have a meeting or presentation or about to kick off a blockbuster movie and want to dim the lights and lower the projector automatically? No problem, this can be done automatically.

Get all of the advantages with SMARTHOMEWORKS

As you can see, there are many reasons why the Philips Dynalite Control System is a great choice. With a well-designed lighting control like this, life is easier, more efficient, and comfortable. Speak to SMARTHOMEWORKS today to see if a Philips Dynalite Control System is the right fit for your home or business. Our team will assess your current setup and needs, then determine if you can take advantage of this system or if there are better suited smart technologies available for you.

We work with you to ensure the right intuitive systems are chosen. The goal is streamlined use, multiple functions from a single button, and overall savings in the long run. With our expert’s help, you can make the most of the future of home or business automation. SMARTHOMEWORKS are here to guide you through the world of smart technology, designing and implementing a system that works for you today. Let’s get started!

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