The Best Smart Home Lighting Systems in 2021

The expert team at SMARTHOMEWORKS are always on the cutting-edge of smart home technology, and by extension, smart home lighting systems. Over the years we have compiled some of the finest brands in smart home lighting so that our clients can have total control over their lighting across indoor and outdoor applications.

Read on to learn more about some of the best smart home lighting systems available right now, all vetted by SMARTHOMEWORKS. From specified lighting controls to options that can encompass all of your connected devices, there is no shortage of choices to make sure you find the system that works best for your home and needs.

No matter which sort of system you are after, we can ensure that you find one that integrates with a range of technologies, offers simple convenience and efficiency and even lowers your utility bill.

Lutron Homeworks QS

Lutron’s higher-end system integrates everything around your home from light fixtures to lighting controls and more. It works flawlessly with a range of technologies keeping everything on one platform.

HomeWorks QS provides a centralised control taking things over and above just the needs of your lighting. The Lutron smart home lighting system adjusts the colour of LED lighting and allows you to regulate the amount of daylight with control shades and dimmers for the perfect balance between your lighting and natural light.

Philips Dynalite lighting control

For a touch of luxury, the Philips Dynalite lighting control provides you with flexibility in that you can adjust it to suit your needs and lifestyle preferences with ease.

From a simple brighten up or dim to the easy regulation of colour, warmth, coolness, and intensity, your home lighting is in great hands with Dynalite.

Clipsal CBus Home Automation

For a highly robust and reliable control system that is very energy efficient, CBus Home Automation systems effectively eliminate lights being left on when your home is not occupied.

It has a wide range of tools to allow for an interface with third-party companies and can control unlimited devices with a single cable connection. In addition, it offers ultimate flexibility in switching and control, so you can modify the system to suit your lifestyle. For example, are you having an intimate dinner? Simply adjust the dimmer setting to create a gentle ambience with ease.

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Control 4 home automation system

One of our favourite systems at SMARTHOMEWORKS is the Control4 system. Supported by huge tech companies like Sony and Panasonic, it has an approachable price point and is very easy to use.

The Control4 system creates convenience and comfort, allowing you to effortlessly and seamlessly control not just your lighting system but everything else in your home. You can use your entire audio and visual entertainment set-up, all of your lights, AC and appliances from your smartphone, all catered to your every need.

Crestron home automation systems

Another elegant solution for every room in your home comes from Crestron. With a streamlined controller for your lighting and everything else in your home, Crestron creates elegant keypads that provide discreet controls for room-specific functions. They even make waterproof remotes for use around pools!

Crestron Technology is the expert when it comes to making sure your mobile devices are a valuable element in your home automation setup. Manage your Crestron system easily from your mobile device so you can control your smart home lighting systems from anywhere around the house or on the go. Crestron is all about convenience, from the device that sits in your pocket.

KNX home automation

KNX is a high-quality home and building control that is used as a technical specification by Standards Australia. KNX is the world’s only open protocol by worldwide standards, with strict testing and protocols to ensure all products are guaranteed to be interoperable, no matter which manufacturer or product type is used.

KNX was put together by a group of manufacturers, integrators, associations and trainers to suit the Australian market. It is governed by an elected board, with a standard Code of Conduct meaning customers can be assured that the quality KNX brings to their smart home lighting systems is truly premium.

Above all, KNX offers peace of mind. A SMARTHOMEWORKS team member can chat with you today to explain how this premium application will work with your home or any other systems or devices you may be considering.


The DALI-2 system provides a consistent experience across all connected devices and smart home lighting systems. The DALI protocol features many commands and a range of control devices such as:

  • Application controllers
  • Input devices
  • Bus power supplies
  • And more

DALI-2 allows compatible devices to access real interoperability and seamless integration. This allows switching and sensor devices more freedom, availability and choice across a range of compatible products.

Want to know which smart home lighting system is a good fit for your home?

The expert team at SMARTHOMEWORKS have all of the information you need to find a smart home lighting system that is a good fit. Most of our technologies can be integrated via a third-party system so that your lighting is just one element of full home automation.

Many people start down the path of an automated home with their lighting system. Luckily, many of the options above make it easy to then expand and grow your home automation to a range of other devices from there. With our expert team on the case to help with your overall design, you’ll avoid wasting money on incompatible systems.

We can help with your overall smart design, ensuring that you make the most of the various smart home benefits available. We’ll work to your budget and lifestyle, creating a simpler, more comfortable home for you and your family. Speak to SMARTHOMEWORKS today and create a smarter home.

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