The Benefits of Smart Home Security

Each year, more and more people are relying on smart devices as part of their home security set-up. Why? The advancements in the various systems offer more benefits than you may think. Smart home security can help protect your family and belongings, and when coupled with home automation, smart home security makes life much simpler.

Whether by increasing the chances of a burglar getting caught or, even more preferably, deterring them in the first place, there is a range of gadgets that can be of significant benefit to you.

As the experts in the field, the SMARTHOMEWORKS team have detailed some of them for you here. Read on to learn these benefits and how smart home security can integrate well with your other smart home devices.

A monitorable security system that is on 24/7

Unfortunately, criminals do not stick to a nine-to-five workday. For this reason, you need around the clock security for your home. With a wireless system that is both transportable and straightforward to set up, it is quick and easy to install a unit that will watch over your home and family around the clock.

Many systems are very intuitive and can track behaviours, sending you an alert via text message when there is an issue. This means you can keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are (even if you are overseas!).

Save money on insurance

When considering the cost of a smart home security system, be sure to take into account the money it can save you! Most insurance companies offer a discount if you have a modern, smart home security system in your home. If you have a good quality system that you keep for many years, the initial set-up cost gets cheaper every time you pay that slightly lower premium!

Insurance companies understand that your smart home security system means a reduced chance of fire, water damage, theft and more, and they reward you with lower prices as a result.

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The dollar savings continue

While your insurance premium is one example of cost savings benefit from smart home security, the thousands of dollars saved by preventing a robbery or property damage is another. Further to this; you’ll also save money on your utility bill as a smart home security system uses less energy than a traditional security system.

This is actually a fact that is amplified across all smart home automation systems, especially those that control your heating and cooling. Home automation can control when to turn on and off lights, temperature settings and a range of other power-saving controls.

Improved communication with the authorities

In-wall or tabletop touch screens offer high-quality, instant communication, with audio and high-definition video, the likes of which we haven’t seen in the home before.

You can quickly get a message from one touch screen to another in a different room, quickly contact the police should a burglar attempt to break in and generally improve communication within and out of the home. With text alerts and automatic notifications, the amount of time between a possible break-in or fire and contacting the relevant emergency service is minimised greatly.

The peace of mind this creates makes a smart home security system a near priceless investment. The primary reason why people are heading down the smart device path is convenience and protection in one. The safety of your family, belongings, and self is made easy with this tech, meaning you can relax and sleep a little better at night.

Integrates with home automation

The team at SMARTHOMEWORKS are experts at designing a home security system that integrates well with any other smart home devices you may have or want. That is actually one of the primary goals of smart home tech – a cohesive environment!

From smart lights to door locks and thermostats, everything can be easily connected, allowing you to access it via your smart home security site or app across any device. Set up different modes for when you get home from work or walk out the door and take advantage of home automation that does everything for you. Smart technology is all about providing you with conveniences that can help you live a happier life.

Opt for a simple-to-use system

A lot of people are deterred from the idea of smart home security systems because they think they are more complex than conventional security methods. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with the SMARTHOMEWORKS team on your side!

Setting up a new smart home security system that can detect and alert you of any emergency situation is easy to do and even easier to maintain. Once we have put all of the necessary controls in place, it is essentially set and forget.

Tweaking the system or changing settings to suit any changes in your lifestyle or schedule is simple as well. One of our smart home experts will walk you through everything you need to know, and we are always on hand if you need help in the future!

Feel safer and speak to SmartHomeWorks about a smart home security system today

When it comes to safety, anything that increases it is money well spent. As you can see, there are many advantages that come with a smart home security system. Speak to the experts at SMARTHOMEWORKS today about finding the right one for you.

We work closely with you to determine your needs and stick to your budget, installing the best quality system for your situation. We can help with installation, system design, troubleshooting and whatever else is necessary to ensure you find the right product for added protection, convenience, and ease of use.

Don’t risk the safety of your family, property investment or belongings. Opt for the highest level of protection with the technologically advanced world of smart home security today.

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