Smart Home Security: How Does it Work with Home Automation?

Everyone wants their home to be the safest place on earth. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is a safe haven allows you to relax, keeps your family and belongings safe and is essentially a basic necessity. Smart home security has changed the game, allowing us to achieve this with ease, and going over and above what we thought previously possible.

There are various techniques and strategies that when combined with the latest smart home automation technologies like alarm systems and CCTV can help to make our homes more secure.

These additions also make controlling that security, or the various devices in our homes, much simpler.

As the experts in smart home technology, SMARTHOMEWORKS break down the essentials here for those who are considering increasing their level of security and the capabilities of their home. Read on to learn all about it.

The new smart home security system

Smart home automation security provides your home with monitored protection via smart devices like your phone, meaning the security and monitoring of your home are now portable. You don’t have to be there to know it is safe. In fact, you can be anywhere in the world! This level of guaranteed protection despite your location is of significant benefit to everyone.

Gone are the days of an alarm ringing that everyone in the neighbourhood ignores rendering it near pointless. With smart home security, you will receive a notification if someone has broken into your home, with that same information going immediately to the local police.

This means faster response times and an all-round more efficient process. If you also have security cameras installed, the image and location of the trespasser will be passed on as

smart home security


Extended safety

A safe home goes beyond simply protecting it from intruders. Those with a smart thermostat that is integrated with their smart security system can receive a notification if they have left the house without turning the heat off.

Elements like this analyse and learn schedules to predict certain movements. For example, your home arrival time, to ensure the house is at the perfect temperature or providing a reminder to lock doors and windows.

Along with added safety and security, functions like this, your home becomes more eco-friendly and your utility bills lower as you are not paying for wasted heating and cooling. Therefore, it increases the value of your home.

The various applications of smart home security

Smart home security gives you the ability to lock any door with a single touch on your smartphone. All this requires is smart door locks that are internet-connected and you can lock or unlock your doors from anywhere in the world. Couple this with a smart doorbell, and you’ll never miss a parcel delivery again!

A similar idea can apply to window locks, which can also provide the added feature of notifying you if you have left a window unlocked. A smart system can detect your sleeping patterns and remind you to lock the window before bed or when you are leaving the home, keeping it more secure.

We mentioned the ability of a smart thermostat above, but it is important to note that a smart thermostat controls the functions of your heater or cooler, it does not replace them. A smart thermostat saves you time, money in energy bills and will learn your movements to ensure you always live within the optimal temperature.

Finally, a smart lighting system gives you control over the on, off or dimming functions of your lights from your smartphone or tablet. You can schedule lights to turn on or off automatically at specific times and use them as a security feature to ward off trespassers giving the appearance that someone is at home when the house is empty.

It is also easy to set specific “scenes” that create various moods and aesthetics that can be matched with other smart features like music or temperatures.

How to set-up and integrate your smart home security system

These days it is becoming much easier to purchase smart devices from a range of manufacturers and have them work together seamlessly. That being said, there are still plenty of devices on the market that will not integrate or create a poor connection that sees them working at a lower quality.

To avoid this, it is vital that you make careful considerations during the planning and smart home installation phase of your smart home. The last thing you want is a bug that is preventing a door from unlocking or renders your alarm useless.

This is also something to consider if you want to upgrade or add new smart home technologies to your home down the track. The best way around this is finding a smart home security provider that allows for integration between their provided devices.

SMARTHOMEWORKS will help keep your home smart and secure.

For a high-quality smart home security system that you can trust, turn to the smart home automation experts. The experienced and knowledgeable team here at SMARTHOMEWORKS will help you find and design a system that enables the seamless integration of various devices along with their full control through a single app.

We offer holistic solutions that provide an easy to operate interface and integrated command system so you can control everything without having to undergo a rigorous process.

Speak to our reliable professionals about setting up a system that works to your needs and budget today. We are always on hand to answer any questions you have and provide free maintenance for all purchases and installations.

Smart home security and smart home set-ups, in general, will make your life much easier and more enjoyable. We keep up-to-date on all of the latest smart tech developments, so you’ll know you are always getting the best information and products available. Let’s make your home a lot smarter today.

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