Home Automation: The Future of Smart Home Security and Integration

In 2019, building industry professionals and homeowners are only just discovering that the operational functions of homes and businesses, as depicted in science fiction, are today an affordable reality. SMARTHOMEWORKS is at the industry front line of integrating this exciting world of technology. 

Traditionally, security and home automation systems were expensive, complicated, and separate entities in our homes and businesses. However, they are now an easy to use, cost-effective, seamless and symbiotic ecosystem of technologies. 

We are currently putting the power and control in the hands of the end-user, which allows families, individuals, and business owners to personally control all of their intrusion, CCTV, intercoms, and access control. 

This includes all smart home functions like smart lighting, thermostats, and automated property maintenance to be controlled from the convenience of smartphones and smart devices, putting you in full control over the safety of loved ones, precious assets, and environment, but also adding intrinsic financial value to the property or investment.

Let’s delve deeper into the world of Smart Home Security and what it can do for you.

Smart home security systems: Putting the power in your hands

As previously noted, in the past home security and automation was a complicated process. It left little room for personalisation and end-user control. Users would have to wade through endless adverts, technical integrators, and providers to find the best option for their situation. 

From here, an intricate, hard to use system would be installed, forcing the user to place the security of their families, employees, property, and belongings in the trust of strangers. This would often include costly monitoring contracts and services. This is an antiquated process now, thanks to Smart Home Security.

Imagine the possibilities of a smart intercom system that allows:

  • The freedom of instant, real-time audio
  • Visual interaction with sales professionals
  • Acceptance of postal or courier services
  • Communication with visitors
  • Deterring possible intruders 

All of this from the convenience of a smart device or work station.

The benefits of smart home security

There is a significant benefit to the peace of mind of being able to access individual or multiple internal and external CCTV cameras from your pocket. You can zoom in to clearly see your property and assets in an instant, day or night, even accessing recorded footage from the day before. 

You can be notified when the kids are home safe from school with face recognition, ensure the door is securely locked behind them, and know precisely how many people have passed through the doors of your business. Smart technology provides unprecedented data and statistics for the future growth and development of your company and marketing focus. 

You can remotely arm and disarm your alarm system, and receive instant notifications to your mobile device when an alarm has been tripped, or motion has been detected. You can remotely check, control, and monitor all windows and door locks and set your home’s climate before you even walk in the house.

Not only is Smart Home Security of benefit to personal property and businesses, but this technology can also be applied to Airbnb’s, vacation properties, shared office spaces, sporting clubs, and community centres. The various solutions provided by Smart Home Security are limited only by imagination and innovation. Why be restricted by the technologies of the past when the power can be in the hands and pockets of the users today?

The leading brands in home security automation integration

Although there are many smart security companies and products being used by a sea of integrators, SMARTHOMEWORKS is a name synonymous with class, style, professional advice, and integration in the Sydney and greater NSW region. We offer unique and complete solutions for your client’s projects, homes, and businesses. 

SMARTHOMEWORKS has a proven track record of providing homeowners, professional builders, architects, electricians, and other professionals with smart solutions from concept to completion.

Whether it be acting as a white label for your company or partner in a project, estimations, quoting, and planning to documentation, implementation, and ongoing support, the team at SMARTHOMEWORKS are professional, experienced, accomplished, and trusted industry leaders for Smart Home Security.

No project is too big or small as SMARTHOMEWORKS offers state of the art smart technologies such as:

  • VoIP intercom systems
  • Security and home networks,
  • Keyless access control and locking
  • Smart home automation
  • Smart lighting
  • Audio systems for emergency and entertainment
  • Multi-room video and home theatre,
  • Boardroom and communication solutions
  • Pool/spa and irrigation
  • Energy management 
  • And more 

We offer worldwide industry-leading brands like Control4, Crestron, Savant, Dynalite, Ness and Sonos, to name a few. SMARTHOMEWORKS supplies state of the art smart security systems like the NESS M1, Dx8 & Dx18 models, and is on the pulse of new 4K, and analytical, AI technologies from brands like Dahua and Luma Surveillance which provide superior night vision, face recognition, trip wiring, head counting, number plate recognition, and heat mapping.


The Ness M1 Gold is a superior unit that offers system integrators, installers, and end-user abilities to customers.. It differs from panels that may be strong in automation but weak in security as it features a rock-solid security foundation with incredibly powerful automation functionality.

The NESS M1 offers flash memory firmware, RS-232 serial port, ethernet connectivity option, and fast PC programming, all with a simplified installation process. It has a versatile keypad, voice telephone dialler, and built-in telephone remote with an extensive vocabulary that will alert you to the current system status. 

Another huge advantage of the M1 is the flexibility to integrate systems and components for easy upgrades and system expansion. It has a built-in voice dialer, remote telephone control capability, and various capabilities for tasks such as temperature settings, garage door controls, using the motion PIRs to trigger lighting scenes, and much more.

Speak to SMARTHOMEWORKS today!

If the technology solution exists in today’s fast-paced world of smart home security and automation, SMARTHOMEWORKS is the logical choice to give you expert advice, support, and solutions for the success of your building projects or smart home needs. 

Place your reputation and end-user experience in the hands of proven professionals and make the smart choice. Speak with the industry leaders in Smart Home Security today.

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