Smart Home Security for Beginners


As far back as the middle ages, home security was something that we humans had to strive for. We came up with various techniques and strategies (from installing burglar proof iron bars to motion sensors) to keep ourselves and all that we hold dear safe. Nowadays, our homes are fitted with various alarm systems and CCTV to ensure maximum security. They are meant to alert us (e.g.in the case of a fire, fire alarms sound out and trigger sprinklers to wet the room to prevent the fire from spreading) when something suspicious happens.

So much advancement, yet, in some cases they are not good enough as threats to our safety also evolve.

Smart home security is the newest breakthrough in the home security system. Now the questions you may have are what is smart home security? Where is smart security useful? How do I integrate it into my home? This article strives to answer these questions


Intro 101 – Protect your house with your smartphone


The idea of smart security is to have monitored protection for your home through the use of smart devices such as your phones and tablets. Protection is guaranteed regardless of whether you are at home or elsewhere. For example, you are shopping at a nearby supermarket, and someone breaks into your house through the windows. However, you may not know this unless you drive by your home and this is all because some alarm systems do not ring out.

In the case of smart security, the security system will send you a notification that someone broke in. Information will also be directed immediately to the police station. If you have cameras installed, it will then show you the position of the trespasser as well as their image.

Another example is the controllable thermostat that maintains the cosy state of your home. When a smart thermostat gets Integrated with the smart security system you will get a notification in case you, for example, leave the house with the thermostat on.

Another ‘smart’ aspect of this is that the system is not rigid. It constantly analyses yours and everyone else’s schedule thereby making it a learning system. With the learning trait, your smart home security can predict when you will come home to turn on the aircon and when you will sleep so to remind you to lock the door and windows.

Let’s see how you can put the smart home security to use.

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