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One of the primary reasons why people come to SMARTHOMEWORKS with all of their home automation needs is the fact that our team understands the latest releases. We help automate your life by offering the latest tools that are best suited to your needs. The KNX Home Automation Lighting System is just one of the many options, vetted for quality by our experts that we can supply.

KNX is the world’s only open protocol based on worldwide standards. It undergoes strict testing standards and protocols to guarantee interoperability, regardless of the manufacturer or product type. Read on to learn the key benefits of this system, supplied by SMARTHOMEWORKS.

Understanding the KNX Home Automation Lighting System

As one of the more recent adoptions by Standards Australia, the KNX Protocol is a technical specification that some of the world’s leading electrical brands align with. KNX Australia was created by skilled manufacturers, integrators, associations and training establishments and is governed by an elected board, who ensure a standard Code of Conduct.

This means the regulations that are upheld as part of this protocol meet the Australian Technical Standard by Standards Australia. This formal recognition ensures customers the quality KNX brings to their project.

The primary benefits of KNX

Smart home automation is booming, and it will only continue to get bigger. As more and more options appear, from varied companies with a range of products, manufacturer-based proprietary protocols are becoming a thing of the past. A system like KNX is the future, the answer to the diversity of the industry, and the representation and safeguard of consumer choice.

The primary benefit of KNX is the fact that it is an open worldwide standard, with over 260 manufacturers creating products that interoperate. This means you as a consumer have more options than ever before, making it easier to tailor your home automation to your exact wants and needs. KNX ensures you have a seamless solution, no matter which way you go.

With KNX, every project is more straightforward. From lighting controls to a complete building control system, KNX is an international standard complete with product certification guarantees and the following benefits:

  • Interoperability and interworking of products
  • A high level of production
  • Complete quality control
  • A solitary protocol no matter the solution or building type
  • The ability to couple with old or new systems
  • Independence from all hardware and software
  • Flexibility created by ongoing product development

KNX as an open protocol

KNX broadens your options as you are no longer restricted to using a specific light switch. Switches are one product within the home automation banner that is revolving and expanding its options immensely. KNX gives you the ability to pick the best option for your project, thanks to its options for variety and a broader range of products.

As an open standard, all smart home devices can communicate with each other, regardless of their manufacturer. This presents a scalable option to suit properties of all sizes. KNX will manage a range of devices, including:

  • Lighting
  • Blinds
  • Shutters
  • HVAC
  • Security systems
  • Energy management
  • Audio and video
  • White goods
  • DIsplays and remote controls
  • And more

The interoperability of KNX

Both Australia and New Zealand are working towards standardisation in intelligent building, making a system such as KNX even more vital. The interoperability and communication between various products that KNX allows for make the integration into existing system landscapes doable. Couple this with the fact that KNX provides independence from any hardware or software technology, and the world of home automation gets much bigger and more exciting.

There is no higher distinction than international recognition as a technical specification, and KNX is the only standard that achieves this, inclusive of the Chinese smart building market. As a market leader in Europe and the Middle Kingdom, your investment in a KNX system is assured by the fact it is already widely used.

For further peace of mind, KNX collaborates with the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) to create compatible platforms across the entire Australian electrical industry. As the main body of the electrical and communications industry in Australia, NECA is the perfect partner to support KNX to ensure compatibility between manufacturers through the best products and technologies available.

It is this thorough, forward-thinking and planning that makes KNX’s manufacturer-independent open protocol the best way to achieve a single platform in home and building automation. KNX products are growing continually as they work to simplify the complexities of smart home automation, making it continually easier for those who hope to enjoy it.

Want to know more about KNX? Speak to the experts at SMARTHOMEWORKS

We simply would not be doing our job correctly, if we weren’t KNX fans and experts. SMARTHOMEWORKS keep at the forefront of smart home technology, as we have done for more than two decades. Since its inception, the progress of KNX has been on our radar, and we have made sure to become subject matter experts on what we believe is one of the key elements in the progress of smart home automation.

Clients trust the services provided by the team at SMARTHOMEWORKS as we have set an industry standard for clarity and transparency. KNX allows us to take this even further as it becomes easier to integrate a wide variety of products and systems. This protocol makes it easier for us to work with you, to find the ultimate solution for your needs.

Have a chat with our knowledgeable team of experienced industry professionals today to learn more about KNX and how it can benefit you. We are on hand to ensure you receive a comprehensive service and ultimately design the smart home automation system that suits your life perfectly and makes it much simpler. Let’s have a chat today.

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