Smart Home: The Benefits of Lutron LED Lighting Control Systems

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One of the primary missions of the expert team at SMART HOME WORKS is to make sure that we, and by extension, our clients, are on the cutting-edge of smart home automation technology.

As part of this, we’d like to focus on one of our favourite brands in home automation and smart home lighting; Lutron. This exceptional lighting control system gives you total control over the lighting in your home across both indoor and outdoor applications.

Read on to learn more about this system from the experts at SMART HOME WORKS, who can provide access to entry-level and advanced Lutron lighting automation systems. If you are looking for an easy-to-use system that integrates with a range of technologies with significant power and cost-saving benefits as a bonus, this article will be of great interest to you.

Making an investment in your home with Lutron

One of the most popular uses for smart home automation is an efficient and easy to use lighting system. Why? You access simple convenience and efficiency while lowering your utility bill.

The Lutron system, in particular, offers ease of installation and use and decreased energy costs. At SMART HOME WORKS, we have the full range of Lutron systems to suit all needs and budgets.

Our favourite: Lutron Homeworks QS

Let’s start with Lutron’s higher-end system, which integrates everything inside and outside of your home with ease. From light fixtures to window treatments, lighting controls and more, HomeWorks QS works flawlessly with a range of technologies so everything can live on one main platform.

From smart appliances to HVAC systems, home audio and security, HomeWorks QS provides a centralised control that can be managed from hand-held remotes, touchscreens, mobile devices and existing secured control units to eliminate wall clutter.

As the higher-end system, there isn’t much missing from the Homeworks offering. With our expert team, this system can be completely tailored to your needs and schedule. We’ll work with you from installation to programming and support to ensure it is set up exactly the way you would like. Many people get overwhelmed by the addition of smart technology; we’re here to make it a simple process.

A close second: Sivoia QS

Sivoia QS is a wireless shading system that offers total light control along with a host of automated window treatments. This gives you control over the shades in multiple rooms with a simple one-button touch.

Sivoia QS also looks sleek inside of your home while allowing you to manage your natural light and night-time privacy. While it does require some wiring, Sivoia uses a common communication language for easy integration with the GRAFIK Eye QS and Quantum. We can work with you to find the best set-up options available.

Budget-friendly: RA2 Select

RA2 Select is a wireless home control system option that lets you adjust the daylight and electric light in your home to realise significant energy savings. It offers lighting controls, automated shades and temperature control and even turns off the standby power of small appliances when they are not being used to save extra energy.

The RA2 system is easy to retrofit and very scalable to suit a range of budgets.

The benefits home automation lighting by Lutron

Dynamic lighting

With the Lutron system, the colour of LED lighting can be adjusted with a range of dynamic lighting strategies. This includes:

  • Warm dimming
  • Tunable white
  • Colour tuning

With dynamic lighting, dimming and daylight management, you can automatically or manually create the perfect environment for your home.

Daylight harvesting

The Lutron system allows you to regulate the amount of daylight in your space as an extension of its light control capabilities. You can control shades and dimmers to create the perfect balance between natural and synthetic light.

This not only saves energy but also creates a comfortable environment. The light form can be adjusted to suit specific tasks or situations.

Total light control

Total light management means control over the systems and equipment in your space. Daylight sensors can automatically adjust shades and overhead lights while working in conjunction with occupancy sensors to save energy when areas are not in use.

You can take this further by programming and storing personalised settings for multiple lights, so you can completely tailor the lighting scheme in your home. Switch scenes with the press of a single button and program transitions between scenes at various times of the day.

This feature moves beyond comfort to encompass a range of security and safety settings that can work in conjunction with a security system to create light when people are in or near your home as a deterrent.

Home Automation: Lutron System is a good fit for your home?

As experts in every Lutron, the expert team at SMART HOME WORKS can give you more information while assessing your situation and needs to see if a Lutron system is a good fit for you today.

With Lutron, you are investing in a company that is paving the way for a range of innovations in the lighting and blind control space. As all of their technologies can be integrated via a third party system, Lutron makes it easy for you to achieve complete home automation.

This is just one way that our expert team can help with your overall smart design. We work with you to detail the various smart home benefits that the wide range of our products can offer, whether you are in a build, renovate or retrofit stage.

We’ll work to your budget and lifestyle, with the goal of creating a simpler, more comfortable day-to-day for Sydney and NSW residents. Speak to SMART HOME WORKS today and learn more about our high-quality smart solutions. With us on your side, you are well on the way to achieving a smarter and more enjoyable home.

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