The Best Keyless Access Control for Smart Homes

Have you lost your keys? Are you tired of carrying them around? Smart lock technology is here to help. Not only will it provide added security, but it also offers convenience. Keyless access control allows you to manage your door locks from a smartphone app. As part of your smart security system, you can have full remote control of your locks along with notifications about lock activity.

Want to know more? Read on to learn about the best keyless control access available for smart homes from the home automation experts at SMARTHOMEWORKS. For a definitive idea of what will work best in your home, and for your lifestyle, speak to one of our experts today. We’ll make a recommendation that works for you and your budget.

The benefits of a smart door lock

It is time to upgrade your traditional lock. A smart lock is the home automation element that allows you keyless access control from anywhere. They offer features such as voice commands, tamper alarms, push and email notifications, and more.

Most smart locks work into your home automation system or offer a mobile app that means you can lock and unlock doors with a simple icon tap. You can add permanent and temporary users, create access schedules for times and provide activity logs to see who has entered or exited and when.

Features of the best smart locks available

Much like most other home automation gadgets, smart locks are continually improving. The best units on the market offer feature such as voice activation, geofencing, and auto-locking. Simply give your phone a voice command like “unlock the front door,” and hey presto, you are in. Geofencing removes that dreaded fear of wondering if you locked the house before you left. 

With control via a mobile app, you can set up a perimeter around your house and link the lock to your phone’s location services. When you leave the defined perimeter, your door lock will automatically engage. You can achieve something similar with an auto-lock feature that locks the door after it has been unlocked for a certain amount of time.

Keyless access control goes even further with keyless touchpads for those moments where you don’t have your phone, tamper and forced entry alarms, and push, text, and email notifications to let you know who is coming and going.

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The best keyless control access units available right now

At SMARTHOMEWORKS, we are continually adding to the large list of options available for a range of systems and devices. As a result, we strongly recommend chatting with our team about your needs and wants before deciding on any units to ensure you are getting the best available.

Some of the current options for keyless control access include:

VOIP intercom systems

One of the primary benefits of smart home connectivity when it comes to the category of keyless entry is the ability to have your home help you out when you are away from it. For example, let’s say you have an important delivery coming but are away from the home due to work or a family-related task, a VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol) Intercom makes everything much easier.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you won’t miss the delivery. This system will call your smartphone, tablet or home phone the moment the delivery person rings your intercom.

The system then gives you video communication to speak with whoever is at your door. You can then allow access from a remote location so they can leave your delivery in a safe place. Couple this with a SMARTHOMEWORKS integrated security system and indoor surveillance set-up to ensure everything runs smoothly and as it should.

Keyless access control and key FOBs

Another handy keyless option involves the use of numeric keypads which allow you and your family members to gain secure keyless access to the property. This configurable access control system allows you to distribute different access codes to each family member, friend or guest, with tailored levels of access if need be. 

The practical application of this feature could be to provide a service provider-specific access to a side gate that allows them to perform a regular maintenance task or unique access for deliveries. On top of this, the added feature of electric strikes creates notifications that let you know when certain codes have been used, so you have a complete picture of what is happening in and around your home. 

Other options

Along with all of the above, you can include functions such as a proximity tag, biometric thumb reader or iris scanner for extra security and convenience.

Smarten up your garage door remote to allow it to arm or disarm the security system, start a specific scene throughout the house or trigger a silent alarm.

Make your home smarter with SMARTHOMEWORKS today

If you are interested in integrating smart technology into your home or looking to expand your current system, speak to the expert team at SmartHomeWorks. We are leaders in the field of smart home integration and can help bring your home into the future, making life much simpler in the process. 

By keeping across the latest developments and releases in the world of smart home technology, we can offer an up-to-date design for your home that goes over and above your expectations.

As experts in the field, we tailor each program to your specific needs, how you use your home and the number of people who live there. This customised approach ensures that you get the most out of your system, regardless of its size.

View our stunning portfolio of work and take advantage of our knowledge and experience. We’re here to make sure that you benefit every day from the advancements in smart home technology. Call the smart home experts today.

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