Does Smart Home Automation Work Without the Internet?

Smart home automation is becoming a standard feature in new or renovated homes. The futuristic homes that were only a thing of fantasy and fiction only a few decades ago are now a dream reality that transforms how we live our day to day lives.

But what is a smart home? What are the benefits of smart and IoT (internet of things) devices? And is the internet essential to creating a smart home worth your while?

Below we will look at smart home automation, whether a smart home requires the internet to function, and how to create your dream smart home without internet connectivity.

What is a smart home?

Since the end of the 1990s, technology has evolved in ways that many of us could never have dreamed. Most of us walk around these days with a small communication device that allows us to connect anytime, anywhere in the world, and access the entirety of all human knowledge while we wait for a train.

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you were likely watching sci-fi movies and reading fantasy comics with futuristic homes. Perhaps a home that would automate your daily chores, keep an eye on your calendar, cook your food and take vocal commands, etc.

In the 2020s, this dream home is now a reality for everyone. In the past, home automation was something that was only in the grasp of the rich and powerful. Today, the most mundane household appliances are being fitted with technologies that connect them to a central control system that interconnects every area of your life into one central command unit.

Many of these devices are optimised by internet connectivity, allowing you to command things like general home appliances, air conditioning, lighting and security via an application on your IOS or Android smartphone.

Examples of everyday devices that are being fitted with IoT or smart home connectivity include:

  • TVs
  • Air Conditioners
  • Voice command centres (Alexor, Google Home, Apple Home etc.)
  • Lighting systems
  • Security systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Robot vacuums
  • Microwaves
  • Garden maintenance systems and more

Fair to say that the futuristic lifestyle that was merely a pipe dream yesterday has become a reality today, and we’re only just getting started.

The team here at SmartHomeWorks have been at the forefront of smart home automation since day one, and we will strive to remain at the cutting edge of IoT technology well into the future.


How to integrate smart home automation without the internet

With smart home automation being linked so closely to the internet, it would be common sense for most people to assume it is required to operate a smart home effectively.

The truth is, home automation has been developing since the 1960s, being applied to home features like air conditioners, garden care and home security. IoT devices and smart home automation are more of natural evolution, rather than new technology.

Still, with all these IoT devices and applications mentioning that they require a strong internet connection to function, which will optimise a smart home, it is not essential to make your home smart device integrated and automated.

Some tech-savvy people actually prefer to create an integrated smart home that is not linked to the internet to avoid the unlikely but not impossible risk of having their system, and personal information hacked and controlled outside their network.

Creating a smart home independent of an internet connection is achievable; however, it requires careful planning and intelligent networking.

Seeking out professional integrators like the crew here at SmartHomeWorks, maybe the safest way to avoid frustrating networking issues and functional teething problems.

Piecing the puzzle together

The first step in creating a smart home that is not dependent on the internet is selecting a central gateway or home hub that networks all your devices and systems; this allows these appliances and technologies to talk to each other and enables you to command them.

There are many hubs on the market with various features and capabilities, and you need to ensure this system can function without an internet connection.

The team here at SmartHomeWorks can guide you on selecting the best hub for your independently networked smart home and can integrate some of the best, industry-leading systems on the market.

With a central gateway or command centre now installed, you can start integrating your appliances and home technologies. However, the devices and products you select will need to have certain connectivity features integrated or in-built.

Most IoT or smart devices that can operate without an internet connection will be fitted with wireless send and receive systems. The most common systems you will find will generally be Z-Wave or Zigbee.

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Making the connections and joining the dots

Now that your home has been fitted with a central hub, and you have ensured your devices and appliances are equipped with Z-wave or Zigbee type wireless connectors, you can start setting up your home automation network.

To achieve the desired results may require you to invest in some other independent devices, like smart home sensors, which are typically built into internet-dependent smart devices.

These sensors provide your central hub with essential information like temperature, motion detection, contacts and water sensors. Without this information, your smart home can not anticipate your personal preferences and commands.

Although this might incur some more labour and costs than an internet-driven smart home system, you will be able to guarantee complete independence and freedom from external sources. This means no system malfunctions if your internet connection is lost, and no security breaches from internet hackers.

Your independently networked smart home

Unless you have worked or been trained in smart home integration and networking, this process may be incredibly daunting and frustrating, and that is because creating an independently networked smart home is technical and complicated.

The team here at SmartHomeWorks lives and breaths smart home automation. We can create you with an optimised smart home that will give you all the freedoms, conveniences and securities that home automation offers while remaining independent from internet providers and digital threats.

For more information about turning your residence into a smart home, contact our expert staff today. Send us an email, and one of our friendly consultants can call you at a preferred time.

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