Smart Home Automation Trends for 2021

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As we all know, 2020 was the year of spending copious amounts of time at home. While 2021 should *hopefully* see us out and about a bit more. The focus many have put on ensuring their house is a comfortable space will be ongoing.

A smart home hub device and smart home automation take the comfort and enjoyment of your home to a new level, and the technology gets better every year.

As with most smart home devices and their associated technology, the rate at which things are improving is dramatic. This means smart homeowners will have even more options available to them to improve the way their house operates along with its ease of use.

As the experts in everything smart home automation related, SMARTHOMEWORKS have gathered some of the most important advancements in smart home technology. We continually keep up with the developing trends to ensure we offer our customers the best of the best. Let’s see what we can expect in the coming year and beyond.

Smart Home Automation - SMARTHOMEWORKS

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The ease of handheld hubs

Most smart homeowners are used to a centralised portal hub that controls your property’s various technology and functions. The home automation industry is working to move this right into the palm of our hand.

In 2021, expect to see more of a move towards smartphones replacing hubs with easy-to-use apps. This means controlling your home from anywhere inside of it as long as you have your phone on you.

Smart rooms via zoning

Home zoning is a smart home trend that is working on specifying and simplifying smart home set-up. From light switches to zone-based thermostats, a streamlined smart home can be more affordable due to lower utility bills and less required equipment.

Couple this with the fact that Low-Power Wi-Fi Conversion products are also in the mix, and you’ll notice that smart home tech is working towards a greener future. These products are designed to run off of long-term battery power, making affordable smart grids possible.

Smart décor

Functionality in the home is one thing, but aesthetics can be just as important! Think about WIFI-enabled aroma diffusers that provide stylish LED lighting, aesthetically-pleasing smart hubs and even smart planters.

The trend of décor-friendly smart home gadgets will explode in 2021 as the worlds of interior design and smart tech integrate further.

Smart Home Technology - SMARTHOMEWORKS

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Localised home zones

Control over specific home zones will become more exact in 2021. The ability to define certain smart features in specific areas makes for more economical use.

Take, for example, a smart thermostat that has zoning capabilities only heating bedrooms at night when they are in use, saving or re-directing that heat during the day. Zones can help lower utility costs while also reducing energy waste. A tailored environment is a more comfortable one.

Smart lighting and shades

Smart lighting is very popular as one of the first smart devices on offer and is constantly improving itself. Smart shades are the next step to provide fully customisable ambience and the ability to raise and lower in conjunction with the strength of the overhead lights. So, as the shades lower when the sun goes down, your lighting can slowly turn on to ensure the right visibility in a room.

Setting these up in conjunction with home zones means lower utilities and a comfortable atmosphere at every stage in the day.

More home elements focussing on the IoT (Internet of Things)

More devices will be connected via the internet, sharing data and working to make life more streamlined. The Internet of Things will continue learning our daily routines, removing the need for triggered controls from us.

What does this mean? Imagine your front door unlocking because it recognises your face. Or a thermostat knowing when you are doing exercise because you’ve chosen your workout playlist, and adjusting the room temperature accordingly. The IoT will continue to be more self-sufficient, making the operation of a smart home even easier than it is now.

Increased levels of privacy

As more and more of our lives integrate with the online world, we are more aware of maintaining a level of privacy. Protecting private data is a concern for smart homeowners who use smart hubs manufactured by industry tech giants that exist to sell advertising.

Smart home automation systems will answer the call with various ways to guarantee that no one is selling your data. The goal with each system will be to ensure that your data is only being used to improve your home experience, leaving advertisers out of it.

Touchless use

2021 will keep health and safety at the forefront with new video doorbells that do not need to be touched to ring. Keeping your doorbell clean while ensuring people can maintain proper social distance is easy by eliminating guests’ need to touch the doorbell.

This means fewer germs and bacteria for your home and visitors. Your UberEats delivery person will thank you!

Are you ready to dive into the world of smart home automation?

The team at SMARTHOMEWORKS are experts when it comes to smart home automation and the various gadgets that are on offer. We can save you the time researching the latest releases by customising a plan to suit your needs, using the best available tech on the market.

Whether you are building a new home and looking at planning a full smart home automation system, or just wanting smaller additions to your existing home, we can help.

With many years of experiences and a portfolio of stunning smart home projects under the belt, you can trust the team at SMARTHOMEWORKS. Chat to our experts today and let’s see which available options can make your home smarter, and your life more comfortable!

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