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Do you want to reduce your electricity bills, smarten up your lighting and secure your home from theft while on holidays? Smart home lighting might just be your way forward. With its broad range of benefits, smart home lighting is one of the most intelligent additions you can introduce into your home. From basic smart switches to a full-scale smart home lighting system, you have options galore when it comes to installing lighting intelligence in your home.


Control4 Smart Home Lighting

There are a few big players in the smart home automation industry, but Control4 is the ultimate solution when it comes to smart home systems. By integrating your devices with a Control4 system, you will provide your home with an array of personalised experiences that add not only energy savings but comfort, convenience and peace of mind – all in the one app.

So, what is Control4 all about? Firstly, let’s take a look at smart home lighting automation before we dive into what Control4 can bring to the table.

smart home lighting

What is smart home lighting?

It is not an elaborate bulb or app on your phone, but you can incorporate these into a smart home lighting system. Smart home lighting automation is the integration of all the lighting in your home and the multiple functions you can perform by taking control.

All you need is a keypad, voice assistant, an app, touchscreen, remote or all five and you are able to change colours and hue, dim lights, turn individual light fixtures into groups and set desired moods. With just one simple action, you can set an entire scene.

Hosting a party? With the simple press of a button, you can dim the lights, set the speakers to start your playlist and lock the front door. Smart home automation is more than just lighting but for the purposes of this article, we will focus on smart home lighting systems.

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What can Control4 smart home lighting do?

Forget about checking the rooms downstairs and upstairs to see if any lights are still on before you go out. With conveniently placed keypads, Control4 allows you to turn off all lights as you go out the door. And when you arrive home in the evening, motion detectors can turn the hallway lights on.

In a nutshell, Control4 simplifies your daily routines as well as events that happen from time to time, such as parties and dinners. It is easy enough to use that your whole family can enjoy smart lighting.

How do you use smart home lighting?

It wouldn’t be very smart if the only way you could operate a Control4 system is with sleek switches and keypads, would it? So, Control4 allows you to use an app on your mobile, tabletop or wall touchscreens, voice assistants such as Google Home, Amazon and Alexa, and even the TV remote.

If you are carrying your baby to their bedroom you can simply request Alexa or Google to turn the bedroom light on for you. If you are enjoying an evening on the patio with your friends, just use the mobile app to turn on the outside lights. The list is endless with what you can do with smart home lighting.

One-button control

As we have touched on, Control4 allows you to control more than just the lights (music, TV, locks, thermostats and garage door included) with its keypad customisable buttons. Turn the lights off in one room or multiple rooms as you head off to work or turn them on when you arrive home. There is no longer a need for you to walk into each room switching off individual lights.

From inside to outside

With Control4 you can illuminate your patio and deck, highlight the pool, emphasise garden statues all with the touch of a button. Tailor lighting in your front garden to enhance beautiful landscaping and add to your curb appeal, again all in one action.

Personalise your experiences

Your home is the one place you can be yourself. Put your feet up, connect with family and friends, celebrate and create. And smart home lighting can adapt to all activities by delivering the ambience you desire.

Baking in the kitchen? Press a button on the keypad or voice command and then watch your lights brighten. Planning to sit down to watch TV for the evening? You can request your lights to fade gradually to give you the perfect viewing atmosphere.

With so many different settings and scenes at your disposal, you can even program the Control4 to accentuate artwork, architectural features and other elements both inside and outside your home.

Secure your home

Have you always switched on the odd light when you know you are going to return home after dark? No longer do you need to do this! Sure, when the lights are on your home looks occupied.

But there is a far more effective method with smart home lighting. You want your lights to turn on and off randomly so that it truly looks like people are at home. With Control4 you can program your smart light switches to do this automatically.

Pre-program the time you want the lights to activate and hey presto, your lights will turn on and off when you want them to. Plus, you never have to walk into a dark home again.

Be energy efficient

LED light bulbs are already energy efficient. By investing in dimmers, you can optimise your energy savings even more. Dim your lights by 50 percent and decrease your electricity by half. Particularly when you are watching TV, dimmed lights are softer and aesthetically pleasing. Simply dim the lights from the switch or program their intensity alteration based on the time of day.

And what you didn’t know is that you can upgrade gradually with solutions to satisfy your evolving lifestyle. This versatility is one of many reasons why we love Control4!

Convenience is key

And finally, at the top of the list of benefits for smart home lighting automation is convenience. Picture just pressing a button on your phone while you are in bed and all the lights in the house turn off. Or imagine how quickly you can prepare the ambience in the foyer, dining room and kitchen for a dinner party in just one command.

And these are just skimming the surface. When you integrate your smart lights with other smart devices, such as music systems and motorised shades, you will never want to go back to life without smart home automation.

Wrapping it up

Smart home lighting can have such a huge impact on your home and lifestyle. Once you try it you won’t be able to justify using old-fashioned lights. Plus, smart lighting solutions come in so many varieties, styles and at varying price ranges. There is something to suit every household and lifestyle.

Whether you are looking to brighten up your kitchen or introduce warm mood lighting for evening dinner parties, you can achieve it with Control4 lighting automation. SmartHomeWorks’ technicians are experts in installing Control4 systems to ensure your smart lighting is tailored to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss your smart lighting solutions.

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