Home Automation: The Medical Benefits of Tunable White LED Lighting

medical benefits tunable led lighting

The significance of designing environments that meet the needs of the vulnerable members of our community cannot be understated. This is one area where smart home automation technology has provided a range of benefits, and will likely continue to as the options expand.

Tunable LED lighting is just one element that is showing a range of benefits for spaces that house those who need extra care.  

There are many elements that contribute to establishing healthier and more desirable living conditions, and lighting is a significant one. Functional issues experienced by those with disabilities, or declines that are a normal part of ageing, require spaces with features that support specific needs.

Light is all around us, and tunable LED lighting is a great way to control one’s environment easily. CCT Tunable White LED Lighting, which is now available in Australia, can provide benefits to Disability Housing and Nursing Homes by improving their quality of life.


The importance of smart lighting technology

Whether natural or artificial, light provides both functional and emotional support. In senior living facilities, resident rooms are often placed around the exterior of the building, with community spaces pushed to the centre with limited or no daylight access.

Therefore, it is not only necessary to ensure that artificial light is of adequate brightness, but it is also essential to understand what effects the quality of light may have on older adults.

Light has both functional and emotional effects on people, and the rise of LED lighting has presented an opportunity to explore the qualities and utilisation of artificial light in interior environments.

LED lamps can range in colour temperature, giving many options to help develop a supportive living environment. CCT Tunable White LED Lighting offers a simplified opportunity to improve the qualities of disability and senior living facilities. 

It is not that uncommon for spaces such as Disability Housing and Nursing Homes to have standard lighting schemes. They may have been built prior to the option of smart lighting, or it was simply not a consideration.

However, this small, cost-effective change can yield significant benefits for not only the people that live in these developments but the ones that work there as well.

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What is CCT Tunable White LED Lighting?

Tunable white lighting technology offers the ability to control a light source’s colour temperature output. It does this by manufacturing the lightbulb or lighting strip with various colour temperature LEDs. The user can then select the desired colour of white via remote control.

This means the aesthetic and atmosphere of a space can be easily manipulated to match the requirements of its use. The idea that our lighting should be set-and-forget is antiquated, and now thanks to smart technology, easy to alter.


The Benefits of Tunable White LED Lighting

The option to easily change the light to create various moods is beneficial in spaces such as Disability Housing and Nursing Homes. Cooler light during the day can help residents or patients be more alert, while warmer light at night will help them relax. 

There are many proven health benefits to matching lighting shifts with our Circadian Rhythm. Combining lighting moods with our body’s clock will help us naturally wake up and sleep. The body’s natural rhythm guides alertness, sleeping, and eating patterns, and light can affect the biological clock significantly.

The circadian rhythm can be disrupted by the consistent use of bright human-made lighting. CCTs above 5500K with a high amount of blue light can disorder our circadian rhythm and negatively affect our sleep.

Tunable white LED lighting enables a range of lighting from 6000K (during the day) to 3000K for the night to support the natural release of melatonin, helping people to sleep.

Apart from preventing health issues, tunable white LED lighting can also help recover healthy habits and normality in patients. Many hospitals around the world are now utilising tunable white LED lighting as an energy saver, and to increase a healthy appetite, temperature, heart rate, and cognitive function of their residents.

At night, warmer light allows for the calm, low hormone levels to encourage the healing of patients while helping medical staff to complete rounds without disrupting a patients sleep.

Proven effects Tunable White LED Lighting

Studies conducted around the use of CCT Tunable White LED Lighting in environments where care for elderly or disabled patients is required have shown a decrease in agitated behaviours such as yelling and crying among residents.

There has also been a significant reduction in the need for psychotropic and sleep medications along with a decrease in the number of recorded falls in corridors.

According to the staff, residents whose rooms were located in sections without the LED lighting were spending more time in the LED-illuminated corridors. 

CCT Tunable White LED Lighting Installation 

The world of smart home automation is advancing, providing far more benefits than just ease of living at home, as exemplified in the uses above.

SMARTHOMEWORKS can help to design and transition the lighting setup of a Disability Housing Facility or Nursing Homes to create a more peaceful and comfortable environment for both staff and patients.

Any space that has the ability to become more automated will see an increase in the morale of those who inhabit it. Speak to us today about a cost-efficient option to change your environment. 

With over 50 years experience and knowledge in the design and delivery of smart technologies and solutions, it’s the task of every member of the SMARTHOMEWORKS team to keep up-to-date on current technologies and offerings, so you’ll always get the best, more relevant advice.

Trust SMARTHOMEWORKS today to help you enter the interconnected world with a smooth transition thanks to our comprehensive service. Get in touch today, and we’ll work together to start making your life and space smarter.

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