6 Tips to Transform your Home with Smart Lighting


When decorating a home, it is incredibly important to know the impacts of lighting design. The most critical factor is not the furniture, nor the colour scheme, it’s the ways in which the lighting reflects the intended mood of the house. Here are some smart home lighting ideas to help you find your desired look with a level of practicality, through saving money or creating a brighter and more vivid area.

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Personalise your lighting with colour temperature


LED lighting is an innovative prospect that is incredibly power efficient and can save you money in the long run. LED lighting is also designed to allow you to personalise your lighting with exact colour temperature. Colour temperature is the Kelvin rating of the light. This means that you can choose an exact measurement, ranging from warm lighting, neutral lighting or bright and blue. This smart home lighting idea allows you to completely change the look of a room. For example, warm lighting can make your house look as if it is candlelit, creating a welcoming feel, whereas bright white lighting can transform a dated area to a bright modern space. Colour temperature completely transforms the way a room is perceived and is a much cheaper alternative to purchasing furniture.


Creating mood and atmosphere


A quick and easy way to add mood and atmosphere to your lighting is by dimming your lights. This creates a muted and relaxed surrounding, perfect for a romantic setting or unwinding in your lounge room. Dimming the lights not only creates a laid back feel to your home but it can also be used as a tool to draw attention to a particular aspect of your home. Dimming can be achieved through access to a smart lighting control system which allows you to control all of the lighting settings in your house from your phone.

Bedrooms are all about versatility. It’s a place to sleep and relax. It is also a personal space for entertainment and intimate relationships. Each of these scenes require a different combination of lighting effects. A range of lights open the possibility to control moods and atmosphere.  For example, you can create a custom setting which activates a few eye level lights. This setting can be switched on when you are reading before bed. This creates a dimmed, relaxing atmosphere allowing you to comfortably read. Whereas getting ready in the morning requires a completely different combination. This combination consists of a multitude of eye level and overhead lights to provide for the perfect lighting to choose an outfit or put on makeup.

Adding more circuits is an incredibly intelligent way to create more personalised mood lighting. This way, you can change the way different lights in different areas function, creating atmospheric lighting for any occasion. A specific circuit can be used in a dining room, allowing for a well lit room, whereas a completely different circuit can be placed in the lounge room with the setting of dimmed lights. The only implication of installing many circuits is the cost compared to the alternative of installing a technology system.


Drawing attention naturally using lighting


Accent lighting allows you to draw the subconscious attention of others to a particular piece, wall or area. This smart home lighting idea works best when the rest of the house is dimly lit in contrast to the brightly lit area which you intend to highlight. Due to the fact that there is an illuminated area, guests will be naturally drawn to the intriguing lighting choice, therefore displaying your desired space in all of its glory.


Improve security and lower energy costs with efficiency


Motion sensored lights are incredibly important as they greatly increase the amount of security that your house has. Not only do they light the way when you are encountering a dark area e.g. stairs or a corner of your backyard, but it can also point out the prospect of an intruder in your home, as it detects movement. In addition to this, motion sensors allow us to increase the efficiency in the way we use power. This results in longer lasting lights and lower energy bills.


Light a path to the bathroom


An incredibly unique smart home lighting idea is using motion sensored lights to make life easier for your family by lighting up the dark corridor leading to your bathroom.


Technology System


An easy way of controlling each light, or group of lights, is through installing a technology system which connects all of your lights to an app on your phone. You can group lights together so that with a touch of a button, you can completely change the look and atmosphere of a room. You can also create customisable mood lighting for each of your rooms so that they will be adaptable to any scenario.

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Smart home lighting is an incredibly intelligent way to completely transform the look of your house with very little work and money. It not only creates personalised and unique lighting but it also improves the overall practicality of your house through motion sensors in your backyard, to a lit pathway to the bathroom. Adaptable smart home lighting is something that everybody should invest in. Lighting is timeless and creates a much more personalised look that will visually enhance your home.

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