Smart Home Installation: Do Smart Homes Save Money?

Smart Home

The term ‘smart home’ and smart home installation has been used since the tech boom of the 1970s. However, recently, this term has had a renaissance with the emergence of affordable smart and IoT (internet of things) devices that are now affordable to most households and not the exclusive possession of the rich and famous.

Your local electronics stores now have many affordable home staple devices, like Light systems, TVs, microwaves, fridges and more.

These technologies are ready to go out of the box, ready to be integrated into your home network, utilising your WIFI internet signal and controlled via apps on smartphones, laptops and PCs.

Like the expert team here at SmartHomeWorks, smart technology integrators are at the forefront of smart home integration and can completely network your home with professional-grade smart technology.

This technology can link back your entire home back to your smartphone, giving you complete access and control to things such as:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Internal and external lighting
  • Security cameras and access control
  • Smart doorbells
  • Robot vacuums
  • Swimming pool functions and more


The technology we used to fantasise about on TV shows like Star Trek and the Jetsons is now a reality within the grasp of the common household.

Another benefit that has been a point of discussion regarding smart home installation is that it saves energy and money. However, do these claims have any traction and is there proof? Read on to find out more.

Saving money with smart home installation

As of 2019, approximately 15.9 million smart home devices were installed in Australia, with over 47-million predicted to be installed by 2022.

The rational mind might deduce that all these powerful devices will push power usage through the roof. This can be a touchy topic, especially when people are more passionate than ever about clean energy and when reducing global carbon emissions is so vital to our future.

Well, this could not be farther from the truth. Due to the intelligent processors and functions of smart systems and devices, you can save yourself significantly in energy costs, which also greatly benefits the environment.

In fact, smart home installation could save you up to 30 to 40% on your energy bills, which is especially exciting if your home is already saving, or better yet, making you money from your solar power investment.

So, how does having more smart devices, all of which require power, save you on your energy consumption and energy bills? We have the answers below.

How do smart homes save you money?

Just making the statement that smart home integration saves energy and money is a bit broad. The energy saved by getting a smart home company, like the team here at SmartHomeWorks, to transform your property into a smart home is more of an accumulative process than an instant fix.

The truth is, humans are historically terrible at conserving energy in the modern world. The problem arises from several factors; lifestyle, forgetfulness, and sometimes laziness.

Heating and cooling

Depending on which end of Australia you live at will determine which end of this statement you relate to the most. Australia gets hot, and if it is not hot where you are, it is possibly very cold.

We love to leave the aircon on, whether we are home or not. There is nothing worse than stepping out of a hot car to walk through sweltering heat, only to unlock the door to your hotbox home.

We all know the relief you get when you have frozen fingers and toes and you step into your cozy warm home to defrost. As your power bills will attest, we waste a lot of energy at times when no one is there to reap the benefits.

With a smart home, you can access your air conditioning utilities at all times from your smart device. This allows you to control your system remotely, giving you the ability to activate your system while commuting home rather than leaving your system to run all day.

As you can see already, just addressing this one home utility can save you significantly on your power costs and consumption.

If you would like to learn more about smart home installation, Sydney, and surrounding regions, contact the team here at SmartHomeWorks to see how you can save money by integrating remote IoT technology into your home.

Lights out!

Every Australian family home has heard the cry of “turn the lights off!” A 2020 report by Canstar Blue states that the average household wastes approximately 22-dollars a year on LED downlights being left on unnecessarily, even more with traditional light bulbs.

This statistic may not seem like an amount that will break the household budget. Still, it accounts for a measurable amount of wasted coal-powered energy when all Australian households are added together.

With IoT devices and technology, like smart lighting, you can attack this issue from several angles.

Of course, you can always access your smart lighting from your remote device at any time, allowing you to check zones and control lighting functions and fade from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Some models are or can be, equipped with IR motion sensors, offering a set and forget system that ensures lights are turned off when someone is no longer in the room.

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The freedom of total control

These examples of air conditioning lighting are the biggest elephants in the room when providing examples of how smart home technology and IoT devices can save you money.

Other areas you would expect to save could include things like reduced insurance premiums by having smart security installed and reduction in water bills by being able to view and control your garden irrigation remotely.

There is also another priceless benefit; more personal time for yourself and less time worrying about maintaining and governing the use of home utilities.

World-class smart home installation services Sydney

If you want to know more about how you can save money with smart home installations, then contact the smart home company with a proven track record for results, performance, support, and a long list of happy, smart home clients.

Contact one of the friendly consultants here at SmartHomeWorks, Sydney, today to arrange a consultation, or send your enquiry via our online contact form, and one of our staff can contact you at a preferred time.

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