The Versatility of Push Control Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

Imagine if you could do simple tasks around the home from the push of a button. How good would it be to close the blinds and turn up the air conditioners without leaving the couch? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, thanks to SMARTHOMEWORKS, you could soon have the versatility of Push Control Home Automation at your fingertips.

Push Control Home Automation is a modern innovation that gives homeowners greater control with a touch of a button on their tablet or smartphone. Whether you wish to change the TV channel, switch off a light, lock the front door, turn up the air con, the versatility of Push Control Home Automation is limitless.

SMARTHOMEWORKS smart home installations Services are the best in Sydney and can install Push Control Home Automation on any property, from small apartments to lavish mansions.

Examples of what can be controlled by Push Control Home Automation:

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Blinds
  • Climate
  • Energy

Our homes have transformed as part of the technology revolution, and so too has the way we run our homes. A smart home installation can help you streamline devices to give you a more straightforward control of home climate, security, lighting and entertainment.

SMARTHOMEWORKS are the leaders in smart home installation and can help builders, architects, and trades implement Push Control Home Automation in any home project they desire.

Controlling what you see and hear

In previous generations, homes were often limited to radio and television. Whereas now homes are filled with visual and audio devices, with multiple TV’s, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, stereos, speakers and home entertainment systems.

Push Control Home Automation gives users complete visual and audio control throughout their home, from turning up a home entertainment system to changing music on outdoor speakers.

Having the versatility to control all these devices from the palm of your hand is a dream come true, thanks to SMARTHOMEWORKS and Push Control Home Automation.

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Lighting convenience and control

Sure, flicking a switch is not so hard; however, you don’t realise how convenient it is to control home lighting from a single device until installing Push Control Home Automation. It is life-changing.

How many times have you jumped into bed, got comfortable, but then realised you left a light on? Perhaps you have guests and want to dim the lights to make the ambience more relaxing. Well, you can do all this and more from your tablet or smartphone with Push Control Home Automation.

SMARTHOMEWORKS is an accomplished Smart Home Company with immense experience in smart home installations in Sydney and implementing Push Control Home Automation.

Keeping things safe and secure

Security is understandably a priority for home safety, and although it is essential, it can also be annoying.

Locking and unlocking doors each time we enter and exit the home, laying in bed trying to remember if the side gate is closed, forgetting to leave a key out for someone needing to enter the house when you are at work.

We do it because we want all our content and family to be safe and secure; however, what if there was a better way to do it.

Well, there is, thanks to SMARTHOMEWORKS and Push Control Home Automation.

Connecting a security system with Push Control Home Automation allows you to monitor and control all configured locks and IP security cameras from your phone or tablet. Push Control Home Automation also gives you the power to open doors for people wishing to enter your home.

Warming up and cooling down

In modern times, many Australian homes have the luxury of cooling and heating systems which allow us to feel comfortable day and night. The common use of these climate control systems is switching them on, walking away and turning them off when you get too hot or cold.

However, they can be used far more effectively and efficiently with the help of Push Control Home Automation.

Controlling home climate from a device gives you greater temperature feedback and allows more effortless adjustment for optimum conditions.

If you are in your cold home office, you can easily turn up the heat while you get that deadline piece finished. Or if your home workout has got you hot and sweaty, a touch of a button can see home temps drop a few degrees to keep things cooler for longer.

If you are a homeowner or builder looking for an expert Smart Home Company, look no further than SMARTHOMEWORKS for Sydney’s best smart home installation services.

Environmentally savvy and conscious

Now more than ever, we are environmentally conscious and understand our impact on the world. We all want to do our part to help address things like climate change and air pollution; however, many of us are not sure how.

Well, believe it or not, smart home installation can help.

Power consumption is a significant factor in the global environmental challenges we face, and any reduction of home power use can go a long way. With a little more mindfulness and ensuring lights, appliances, equipment, devices and climate systems are switched off when not used, the accumulative savings is significant.

With Push Control Home Automation, we can quickly and easily check to see what is energised, turning off unnecessary power with the push of a button.

Want to check the downstairs lights after you hopped into bed? No problem, just have a look and switch off the toilet light you forgot. Need to see if you left the air conditioner on when you rushed out the door to get to work on time? Yep, you did. Not to worry, one push of a button and it’s off.

SMARTHOMEWORKS offer complete smart home installation services from consultations, quote and planning to documentation, installation and support.

The best smart home installation in Sydney

The versatility of Push Control Home Automation is undeniable, allowing you to change and adapt functions simply and quickly from a device. Single-room and multi-room, upstairs and downstairs, inside and outside, home and away, Push Control Home Automation is everything a home needs.

SMARTHOMEWORKS offers the best smart home installation services with the experience and expertise to install Push Control Home Automation systems competently and professionally.

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