5 Key Questions to Ask Before You Engage a Home Automation System Installer in Sydney

We are the most technologically driven society that has ever existed. It dominates nearly everything we do. First, we  used smartphones, then smart TVs, so it makes sense that the natural progression is smart homes, also known as home automation systems. If you have accepted this fact, and are ready to make your life easier with home automation, you’re probably considering enlisting some help.

That is a smart move. Home automation is new, constantly changing and there is probably a lot that you don’t know about it. By having a professional company supply, install, and maintain your system, you are ensuring that you have the most up-to-date technology available, and it is being looked after.

However, which home automation system installer should you choose? To help you figure this out, here are the five key questions you should be asking to make sure you have made a good choice.

Question 1: How much will their service cost?

It seems like we should get the most obvious question out of the way first, don’t you think? You may be working to a budget, or simply just looking for an idea of what your budget should be, as the cost of home automation systems can vary significantly. As can the costs of installation and maintenance depending on the provider or the home automation system installer.

It is also important to note that the system should be tailored to your needs meaning the costs will be different for everybody. While this makes it hard to say, “this operation will cost you X” keep the following two points in mind when discussing price:

  1. Ensure the quote includes everything you need including products, installation charges, and maintenance support
  2. Work to your budget and talk with your home automation system installer, but don’t take the cheapest option, especially if the price seems too good to be true. Home automation systems are not something you want breaking down in a year because you bought the low-end package, but they also shouldn’t break the bank.

Question 2: What level of support is being offered?

With any kind of technology, especially if it’s new, it’s nice to know that there will be some support if things go wrong. There shouldn’t be much going wrong if the company you go with offer high-quality products, but still, peace of mind is invaluable. Support isn’t just for issues however, you may also need help from time to time to make the most of your system.

An after-sales care and support package is basically non-negotiable, but the price of this service and level of support included will vary per supplier. It is recommended that you opt for long-term support, it maintains your system and ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of a smart home without any hassle.

Question 3: Are they accredited?

It is vital that the company you select have an accreditation from the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). This association is globally recognised for creators and create and installers of smart home technology.

It sounds like a pretty important accreditation to have, but many suppliers don’t. CEDIA accreditation needs to be constantly maintained (as updates and changes happen all of the time) and members are required to uphold high standards of customer service and workmanship while also offering cost-effective solutions to their customers.

A CEDIA accreditation essentially protects you, the consumer, ensuring you receive excellent service and fair prices.

Question 4: Do they have a portfolio of previous work?

The best way to assess the quality of a home automation system installer is with their past projects. Lookbooks, videos, customer testimonials, all of these things will give you an idea of the work they will provide. You can also jump online for some more impartial reviews not supplied to you by the company (they won’t be giving you the bad reviews obviously).

Most home automation system installer will have case studies that go into a lot more detail on the products and services they have provided past clients; this also doubles as a great way to find ideas of what you may want for your home! Dealer showrooms are another fantastic way to get a look and feel for what kind of system you may be considering.

Question 5: What level of integration is possible?

The last question is one of the most important. Considering how quickly smart technology is progressing it is crucial to ensure that any systems you invest in can be integrated well with other products, devices, and systems. Integration is one of the critical aspects of efficient home automation systems.

This is not only pertinent for any new improvements moving forward but also the equipment and systems you may already own.

For this reason, you will want to work with someone who is knowledgeable and has experience with integration, and who can preferably make suggestions as to better ways to make the various systems in your home symbiotic. Installation and integration should go hand in hand to maximise the ease and enjoyment of your new smart home.

SMARTHOMEWORKS tick all of the boxes

To ensure you get the knowledge and experience required for quality home automation systems, choose a pioneer of the smart home automation industry. SMARTHOMEWORKS have been designing and implementing cutting-edge control systems in a range of homes for the past 20 years. We keep up-to-date with all of the latest developments and know what works, and what doesn’t in each and every home.

From private homeowners to multi-unit developers we have grown with the industry, providing a high-quality service that gives the answers you should expect for the five questions listed above.

We love the idea of all homes being smart homes and aim to provide customers with the comfort, security, and convenience a smart home affords along with seamless control of  their systems.

The Home Automation System Installer


SMARTHOMEWORKS are the professionals you can trust. Plus, we love to talk shop and know everything about the newest technology, and devices that will enhance your lifestyle. Talk to us today, and let’s find the best solution for your home and family.

Here at SMARTHOMEWORKS, we can help you with innovative technology for smart apartments that complement the interior design or architectural style of apartment buildings. We have access to all of the products on the market and our knowledge allows you to integrate it all into one smart operating system. Our talented team would love to help you create the best project for yourself or your client. Contact us here to book a free overview or call us on (02) 8197 1122.

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