Home Automation Network: Is your Cheap WiFi Making your Smart Home Dumb?

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These days, our home automation network is more loaded and congested, considering that there are more devices than ever connected to your home network. Ten years ago, it may have been a desktop computer and possibly a laptop.

Whereas now it’s likely to be smartphones, tablets, TVs, laptops, Bluetooth speakers, and more. These are all congesting your network, not to mention all the devices which also connect when you have guests over.

A home network makes up the foundation of any home automation system. For most people, their network is most likely becoming more crowded over time.

It’s inevitable that you will need to upgrade to a home automation network to keep everything running smoothly. You’ll also want to keep your home network clear of any congestion.

There are currently so many different home automation network Wi-Fi options available. So does it make a difference between using quality enterprise Grade Wi-Fi or a cheap option available from Harvey Norman? Keep reading to find out.

Pakedge – High Performance Networking


Pakedge is the creator of the most advanced, and powerful networking solutions in the world, which were acquired by Control 4.

What’s the difference between Pakege and a regular cheap router which you can find at Harvey Norman?

The first thing which sets them apart is their innovative technology. It’s known as ‘Pakedge Zones.’ These zones segment all the different network traffic.

Having a zone only for home automation is possible. Then one dedicated for voice communications. Another one for web browsing and email. An extra zone for streaming video and audio. Lastly, you can also add a zone for guests and all the devices they bring to your home.

What makes this even better is that it’s possible to set different priorities for each zone. This lets you assign more bandwidth to the devices which need it most. Each different type of network-connected device in your home has its own private network.

This makes sure that your home automation system won’t clash with your security cameras. Or that your laptop won’t interfere with someone streaming Netflix in the next room.

Pakedge also offers another huge advantage over Harvey Norman options. It allows for custom designed Wi-Fi to be installed around your home to give the perfect coverage.

Cheap options instead provide a single router which is usually placed in a discrete location in the home. With Pakedge, you instead use wireless access points. They are placed strategically in ceilings or walls around the home. This means that there will be perfect Wi-Fi in every section of the house, as well as outside!

People are used to accepting weak Wi-Fi. As well as needing to be physically near a router to receive a strong Wi-Fi signal. Luckily with Pakedge, those days are a thing of the past.

Instead, you can now look forward to immediate wireless performance improvements. As well as an increase in memory and processing power to take care of all the wireless devices at once.

Let’s take a look at some Pakedge devices.


RE Series Home Automation Network

Source: www.pakedge.com

The RE series multimedia routers offer high-performance networking. As well as flexibility, and power. They are great for small and medium networks and have an affordable price. 

They are built for high performance, and 300+ Mbps traffic. The RE-Series combines architectural aesthetics, simplicity and functional features. 

Used for: Residential


RK Series home automation network

Source: www.pakedge.com

The RK multimedia router series is rich in features. It combines enterprise-class networking power with the simple design of the RE series.

The dual-core processor is capable of handling up to 950 Mbps of traffic. It’s designed for medium to large networks which rely on advanced applications. It also is suited for high-speed connections and can handle many multimedia devices.

Used for: Large Residential, Light Commercial

SG- Series

Pakedge - Home Automation Network

Source: www.pakedge.com

What about medium to large networks who need high performance with a focus on enterprise-level security? The SG (Secure Gateway) series is the perfect fit.

It has been designed to handle 750+ Mbps of traffic.

Not only are these routers pre-configured for easy installation, but they also offer advanced protection for peace of mind. There are also customisable traffic management options, which provide complete network control.

Do you need ironclad protection and security? Well, it can be achieved by combining the SG-Series with the Unified Threat Management module.

Used For: Large Residential, Light Commercial, Multi-Dwelling, Commercial


Ubiquiti UNiFi Enterprise Wi-Fi Technology

home automation network

Source: https://www.ui.com

UniFi is a software designed network (SDN) platform. It was designed by Ubiquiti Networks and lets multiple networking devices use a single software controller. Such as routers, APs, switches and more.

This lets them be managed using a single software controller. It makes them ‘unified’ regardless of their geographical location.

Setup for unifi networks is relatively easy, or you can have a professional home automation expert install it.

UniFi systems continue to advance in performance and features. This makes them the most popular Enterprise access point in the world. They are ideal for use in offices, schools, airports, hotels, and more.


AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi System Home Automation Network

Source: store.amplifi.com


Ubiquiti has now also released a more portable AmpliFi model. Its purpose is to unify enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networking. As well as amplifying the networking coverage and performance for the modern home. In other words, it gets rid of any dead spots throughout the house.  

It was designed to look complete when sitting on a desk or shelf. It places a large emphasis on a gorgeous design. While delivering a wow factor, it is also practical.


Ubiquiti networks unifi ap ac long range


Ubiquiti networks unifi is perfect for when you need high performing Wi-Fi for a long-range. This is made possible due to its innovative antenna design.

Why Quality Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi for Home Automation Network?


home automation network Quality Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

Source: arstechnica.com

Homes and offices continue to get smarter than ever before. Nowadays shops and restaurants also heavily rely on devices.

Many applications and devices are now internet dependent 24/7. So much so that your client’s productivity and peace of mind relies on it. As well as their entertainment, and happiness.

Having a network which can support heavy multimedia traffic is important. But it’s even more important to optimise it.

Why choose quality grade Wi-Fi over a cheap option from Harvey Norman?

Because it lets you power your resource-hungry devices.
Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi includes technology which allows for lightweight, quick speeds. It’s even possible while using a network which has many different applications that previously made it congested.

They also offer intelligent features which make latency a thing of the past for your multimedia. You can make the installation process easier. As well as managing your network and optimising the overall performance of the network.

Harvey Norman Wi-Fi options may be cheaper in the short-term. But they will lead to Wi-Fi black spots throughout the home. Also, many devices competing to use the same bandwidth will slow each other down.

Home Automation Network Installation

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