Control4 OS3 Simplicity and Functionality

Smart home automation is changing the way we live our day-to-day lives, providing us with more control, utility, entertainment and security than ever before dreamed.

A myriad of tech companies is developing smart technologies. There are many systems on the market worth considering; however, as with most tech niches, there are industry leaders pushing the boundaries of what smart technology can do.

Control4, founded in 2003 by Eric Smith, Will West, and Mark Morgan, designs and manufactures smart technologies at the cutting edge of the IoT (Internet of Things) sector.

Examples of Control4’s extensive range of smart home automation technologies include:

  • Lighting
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Climate control
  • Intercom
  • Security and more

At the centre of a networked smart home is a smart control hub, a central command unit that provides a helicopter view and control of the intelligent and IoT appliances and devices around the property.

Enter the Control4 OS 3 smart control hub. With over 1000 enhancements on previous Control4 hubs, it is set to change the game in smart home control.

Read on to learn more about the OS 3 Smart Control Hub and why Smart Home Works is the industry leader in integrating Control4 smart home automation systems in Sydney and surrounding areas.

OS 3 smart home automation control hub

The Control4 Smart Home OS 3 Control Hub is a powerful, open platform, total solution smart home control system with thousands of automation capabilities on a full spectrum of smart and IoT devices and appliances.

This innovative and intuitive system works via any wireless protocol making it one of the most advanced smart home control devices available in today’s current market.

While smart home automation has become more readily available from retailers, many of these systems often require different applications to operate and cannot necessarily be integrated, making your smart home automation much more complicated than it needs to be.

The OS 3 Control Hub’s open platform integration allows you to consolidate your smart technologies and IoT devices into one symbiotic system for ease of operation.  Read on to learn more about its capabilities.

Helicopter view dashboard

Control4 may make some of the most advanced smart home automation systems globally. The OS 3 Control Hub features a graphic user interface (GUI) that offers an easy-to-understand helicopter view of all of your home’s smart and IoT appliances and devices and the status of their current operation.

It allows you to confidently action commands without fear of what will happen next! Total control, with an easy and intuitive operation interface that is rarely seen in legacy home control hubs.

One-touch access

Whether accessing the OS 3 Control Hub from your Neeo touchscreen remote, in-wall or tabletop touch screens or the Control4 OS app on your smartphone, you have the ability to connect with a massive 35,000+ devices.

The system works in symbiosis with all major smart technology and IoT connectivity platforms like Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; a rare all-rounder in the smart-tech game.


While the impressive Neeo touchscreen remote offers an exceptional control interface for your smart home automation system, your home network is also fully operational from the OS 3 Control Hub smart device app, which can be downloaded to a laptop, tablet or smartphone, and is available on the Apple app-store, Google-store and for all Android devices.

Voice command

There are many smart speakers or voice command modules on the market, including:

  • Google Home
  • Sonos One
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Apple Home Pod and more

These units allow you to voice command your IoT devices and smart appliances, execute internet searches, and control lighting, HVAC, security and many other functions in your smart home.

No matter which voice command unit or smart speaker you choose to integrate, you can be sure it will seamlessly connect with the Control4 OS 3 Control Hub.

Home entertainment

With Control4’s OS 3 Control Hub, you can control all aspects of your home entertainment, including:

  • Music players
  • Speaker volume
  • Speaker zoning
  • Screen commands and more

You can also access music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music and TV streaming services such as Netflix, Stan, Apple TV, and more.

Access control

Remote access control allows you to authorise access to doors with smart locks, ensuring safe access for children after school, providing access to family and friends, or allowing delivery personnel to leave packages safely inside, which you can monitor in real-time via your security system.


Smart Home automation and security technologies have almost been developed in synchronicity over the last few decades, with both fields of smart technology significantly advancing in capabilities and affordability.

With so many smart security systems now available, you want to ensure that your home security network is robust and reliable. You can integrate with total confidence with the OS 3 Control Hub’s superior connectivity capabilities.

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Smart lighting

OS 3 Control Hub’s open platform connects with all popular smart lighting systems, including:

  • Control4
  • Dynalite
  • Cbus
  • Crestron
  • KNX
  • Lutron
  • Dali-2 and more

The OS 3 allows you to control all aspects of your internal and external lighting, including on/off controls, dimmers, colour changes, and outdoor security lighting.


Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning can be one of the biggest energy consumers in your home, especially at the peak of the hot and cold months.

Having your HVAC connected to the OS 3 Control Hub means you no longer have to run your HVAC while away from home to ensure a warm or cool house upon return.

By remote accessing your HVAC, you can turn your systems on before you journey home, avoiding wasting hours of energy consumption. This can significantly reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint; good for the pocket and the planet.

The Control4 home automation specialists

Smart Home Works is an official integrator of Control4’s industry-leading home automation systems, including the innovative OS 3 smart control hub.

We have a vast portfolio of Control4 home automation integrations, with many happy customers now reaping all the benefits of a specialist home automation system.

If you are looking for experienced, professional home automation and smart technology integration in Sydney and surrounding areas or wish to learn more about the Control4 OS 3 smart control hub’s extensive capabilities, contact our expert integrators at Smart Home Works today.

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