Smart Home Security Systems: Installation Benefits & Costs

smart home control system

Smart technologies have come a long way in the last decade, providing us with technologically advanced homes that were a thing of fantasy not that long ago.

While the advancement of smart and IoT (internet of things) appliances and devices seems to be moving at light speed, one type of smart technology has seen more dramatic advances than most: smart home security.

Home security has always been a priority for the safety of family, loved ones, and property because, unfortunately, it has been and still is a common threat. It is understandable then that the advancement of personal, home, and commercial property security is one of the most funded technologies on the planet.

The rise of smart home security

Smart home security offers unprecedented control of your home security, putting the power back in the hands of the property owner, and provides real-time remote control operation over many elements of your home security system.

In legacy security CCTV and alarm systems, cameras were expensive and produced grainy images with poor night visibility; window and door triggers and motion detector systems were bulky and prone to false alarms.

In addition, once installed, a legacy home security system needed to be monitored by a security company, with costly monitoring and call-out fees. More often than not, the call-out was a false alarm, yet, a fee still applied.

Smart home security puts the power back in the hands of the homeowner, allowing them to monitor and control their home security from the convenience of their remote smart devices.

There is a wide range of smart home security products, including:

  • Networked cameras
  • Advanced motion detection
  • Internal and external lighting
  • Access control to doors
  • Smart curtains
  • Smart roller shutters and more

Read on to learn the benefits of smart home security installation, the financial benefits of integration, and why more people than ever are integrating smart security into their properties.

Complete remote control from anywhere, anytime

Smart home security systems provide the user with remote control access from anywhere there is an internet connection, which includes international locations.

Access can be granted from any remote smart device, including:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops, and
  • PCs

Smart home security provides 24/7 monitored security, except the person doing the monitoring is the homeowner, saving the expense of third-party monitoring fees.

Because one or more apps control a smart home security system, it allows homeowners to remotely access all security appliances and view statuses from anywhere, at any time.

This can provide added peace of mind and give homeowners complete control over their home security. You can access cameras in real-time and control active security utilities remotely, like controlling lighting, shutting curtains, and controlling security roller shutters.

It should be noted that monitoring services are still available by security monitoring providers for smart home security systems as an added security measure.

Real-time security

While providing effective security, legacy unmonitored security systems were limited in providing accurate real-time security data and were prone to disarming or hacking by professional criminals.

Legacy home CCTV collected recorded footage, providing proof of break-and-enter and theft offences. However, these systems often only provided legal evidence rather than real-time, active security monitoring.

A smart home security system allows homeowners to see full systems status and live footage as it happens. Some systems even give the homeowner the ability to send audio into the house from their remote smart device.

Real-time access to your smart home security system also provides added control of your home’s entrance, meaning you can lock and unlock doors remotely.

This allows remote access and security for the kids after school provides access to visitors if you are running late, or enables you to converse, direct and monitor couriers to ensure safe delivery and storage of packages while away from home.

No false alarms

With legacy home security systems, false alarms were a real issue. In addition, if a security company monitoring a system, all call-outs would often incur a fee, even if it was a false alarm.

If you had a self-monitoring system that called out to a mobile phone, for example, then false alarms could become a frustrating and stressful inconvenience. If a false alarm did occur, you could receive a dial-in notification at all times of the day or night, disrupting work productivity, holidays, sports, recreation, and special events.

With smart home security, all you have to do is check your mobile, view your cameras and turn off the alarm from the same device.

Hard to breach

Smart home security systems are networked via Ethernet or WIFI. This may sound less secure than hardwired legacy systems; however, current cyber security programs and encryptions make your home security harder to breach than ever.

There is also the added benefit that any attempt at a physical breach will provide the homeowner with instant notifications, allowing them to access their cameras and alarms in real-time and notify police or security services while the event unfolds.

Professional criminals and thieves know their technology, including smart security systems, and therefore see them as a new threat, making smart home security more of a psychological deterrent.

A good financial investment

Smart security is not only a good financial investment for the safety of your family and property; it can also add value to your home and reduce insurance premiums.

Modern homes are starting to have smart security systems installed as a standard during construction. Many buyers are now looking for homes with pre-installed smart home networks, therefore, adding to the resale value of your home.

Insurance companies often reduce their premiums with added security, like:

  • Security doors
  • Roller shutters
  • Alarms, and
  • Camera systems.

Being that smart home technology is the most current and advanced security available for homes, you may see significant premium reductions after installation.

Industry-leading smart home security Sydney-wide

If you are a Sydney-sider ready to transform your property into a smart home, call Smarthomeworks the team with a proven track record for prestige smart home systems. With over 50 years in the smart technology integration industry, our expert designers and technicians use the latest and greatest smart and IoT technologies available on the global market.

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