Why Your Home Needs Philips Dynalite Smart Home Solution

In a short time, smart home automation has gone from a futuristic dream into a home staple, with millions of households worldwide embracing the many benefits of smart home technologies.

The new age of smart technologies and IoT (Internet Of Things) devices has seen many tech giants integrating smart capabilities and connectivity into nearly every home and commercial device and appliance you can imagine, including:

  • TVs
  • Fridges
  • Security systems
  • Doorbells and locks
  • Lighting
  • Thermostats and air conditioners
  • Vacuums
  • Fridges
  • Ovens
  • Home theatre
  • Sound systems and much more

These devices allow you to control or view them remotely from smart devices via apps, like:

  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • PCs
  • Tablets

Although these devices can operate your entire smart home, most systems will also be integrated into a smart home hub. This is often a touch screen unit, similar to a tablet, which can be either portable or fixed to an easy access point like a wall.

Examples of the types of actions smart home automation can provide:

  • Viewing security footage remotely in real-time

  • Granting access or securing your home remotely

  • Remotely controlling thermostats from your smartphone

  • Controlling sound and entertainment systems via voice command

  • Switching on robot vacuums from a workstation

  • Controlling lights from a smart device or voice command module

  • Open and close curtains and much, much more



The full potential of smart home automation is only now being realised, and there is so much more in development; it seems smart technology will be altering how we live for some time. One leading technology company pushing the boundaries of smart home automation is Philips Dynalite, a brand name at the forefront of home electronics for over a century.

Read on to learn more about Phillips Dynalite smart home automation and why SmartHomeWOrks are industry leaders for smart home integration.

Philips Dynalite Smart Home Automation

Phillips Dynalite smart home automation is a Dutch company founded in 1891 by Frederick Phillips and his son Gerard. Their first range of products was lightbulbs, which they still develop today with the Philips Dynalite LED smart lighting systems.

In 2022, Phillips will focus on a diverse range of electronic products:

  • Audio and visual

  • Communications

  • Electronic accessories

  • Personal health

  • Household appliances

  • Automotive electronics

  • Medical technology

Phillips smart home automation continues to expand its electronic technologies into the space, innovating new ways to enhance the way people live worldwide.

Phillips Dynalite Technology

Smart Lighting and Philips Dynalite smart home automation systems were developed in Sydney and bought by the Phillips corporation in 2009.

Since then, Phillips corporation has developed Dynalite into one of the most widely used smart lighting and automation systems in the home automation market and has been installed in over 35,000 projects worldwide.

Philips Dynalite enhances home management and enhances lifestyle via intuitive, affordable technologies and interfaces that control many aspects of your home, including:

  • Lighting
  • Security
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Heating and cooling
  • Ceiling fans
  • Audio
  • Garden irrigation
  • Swimming pool functions
  • Home theatre
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Garage doors and more

All systems can be customised for your household, making every integration unique in operation and function via smart sensors, network devices and relays.

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Benefits of Philips Dynalite smart home automation

While tech-savvy homeowners love integrating cool tech and gadgets into their homes, many other benefits to Philips Dynalite systems are not evident at face value. Read on to learn more.

Energy-saving and cost-effective

Philips Dynalite applications give you a helicopter view of all zones and appliances and their operation status and allow you to control on/off functions at a whim, including appliances like lighting and thermostats,

Leaving on a light here and there may not impact your energy bill significantly; however, in a country like Australia, with seasons of extreme weather variations, it is common to leave heating and cooling on much of the time.

This includes when we go to work, out for dinner, or to the shops, and being that Australia has some of the priciest energy bills on the planet, this can be a significant drain on the pocket, especially in the peak of summer and winter.

Not only can this blow out the energy budget in an age where a climate emergency is becoming all too real, but it also contributes significantly to your home’s carbon footprint.

By remotely controlling your blinds, thermostat and lighting systems, you can have complete control of your home’s energy usage, as well as observe and regulate your home’s internal temperature; good news for your bank account and the planet.

Personalised experience

We’ve established that smart home automation provides many practical and financial benefits; however, smart technology also provides the benefit of pure pleasure and leisure by allowing you to control aspects of your home’s aesthetic and lifestyle.

Audio visual

Smart sound and home theatre allow you to control and zone all aspects of your entertainment, including setting ambient sound and requesting music playback using voice command modules while also zoning your entertainment. So, for example, the kids can watch movies in surround sound in one zone while you relax to yoga and meditation music in another.

Lighting control

Philips Dynalite smart home automation, which uses LED technology, allows more than just on/off functions. Via your app, control hub, or smart speaker, you can dim light or even change lighting colour, setting a different tone or ambience in various zones.

Smart home automation Sydney

If you live in Sydney and surrounding regions and want to learn more about Philips Dynalite smart home automation for home and business, contact our industry-leading smart technology integrators here at SmartHomeWorks.

With over 20 years of experience integrating smart home automation systems, you can be sure you are receiving the best advice and services available in the field of smart technology. To speak to a consultant, call (02) 8197 1133, or send your inquiry via email to design@smarthomeworks.com.au.

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