Home Automation: The Battle of the Cbus and Dynalite Smart Light Switch

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Both C-Bus and Dynalite provide outstanding lighting control systems for the Australian residential property market. They are both Australian designed systems and are widely recognised as the Australian lighting control industry leaders. There are several variables between the two which we will take a look at in more detail. C-Bus vs Dynalite head to head, let’s find out the differences between the two.

1. Lighting Control: Is it Worth it?

First off, having a home lighting control system brings with it many benefits, let’s take a look at the main ones. These benefits apply to both C-Bus and Dynalite.


Lighting control is the ultimate in convenience. It lets homeowners control any light in their home from any smart light switch.

Not only does a lighting control system control lights but it is also used to control a variety of other motorised and electrical sub-systems. This includes ceiling fans, exhaust fans, air conditioning zones, blinds & curtains, motorised windows and water features.

If connected to a home automation system like Control4, Savant or Crestron it gives you the ability to remote control the system from anywhere in the world.


Scene control allows for a whole entire group of lights to be switched on or off with just a single button. By grouping together different circuits in the programming with different light dimming; we can create dynamic lighting that accentuates your homes architectural and interior designs.

By scheduling lights to automatically come on and off at set times; you don’t have to worry about living in the dark. You can even set the lights to dim up as the sun keeps setting and the ambient light levels drop. You can also have lights triggered by motion in the room they are in. These are just a few possibilities to help simplify your life.

Energy Saving

Smart programming can lead to energy saving benefits. Programmers generally set a maximum output of 90% when setting light dimming levels.

Installing sensors can further increase energy savings. They are best put in locations where you don’t frequently enter, like bathrooms, garages or pantries. You can set them to switch off after 10 or 20 minutes if they detect no motion in a room.

You can also set up an ‘all off’ button, to make sure all lights are turned off each night.


Lighting control helps to provide extra security. External motion sensors can automatically turn lights on surrounding your home in light and deterring any potential intruder. It’s perfect for places like stairs, hallways, or paths outside. This also reduces the chance of any accidents or injuries occurring at night in the dark.

If a compatible security system is combined with a lighting control system you can use the lights to trigger a scene when the security alarm is set off. Imagine every single light in your home turning on to 100% all at once to scare off the intruder and allow you full visibility of the situation.

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2. Lighting Control Hardware

C-Bus Vs Dynalite both provide a range of lighting control dimming/switching modules for different applications. The equipment both brands produce is long lasting and reliable.

They allow users to control a large assortment of lights such as:

  • Halogen and incandescent lights which are controlled by phase dimming or relays for both leading and trailing edge
  • LED lights by phase dimming or relays for both leading and trailing edge
  • Direct DC control LED lighting
  • Lighting with DSI control and dimming with 1-10v
  • DALI addressable lighting
  • DMX lighting (which is often used for colour changing lights, stage lighting and shows)

When it comes down to the price of the hardware, Dynalite is at a slight advantage by having slightly cheaper dimming/switching modules compared to C-Bus.

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